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    FXQXWnyh6718 Trader
    Released in China

    Delay withdrawals all along

    The first several withdrawals are normal. But when you withdraw a large amount of money, individual income tax, margin and handling fee are needed. But after all the money, you will be penalized. It must be a scam. So is it a real one?

    The following is the original
    前面几次出金很正常 等到金额数变大之后就开始缴纳个人所得税 然后说出金需要保证金 最后还需要手续费 虽然都说是算在自己的保证金里面 但缴纳完之后 又有问题需要缴纳惩罚金 还问了客服这次缴纳完之后知否可以提币了 然后人家就又抛出个问题 需要完成一次本金的一倍流水方可提币 这绝对是在坑人了 如果完成后它绝对还有各种推脱的手段 所以这是真的ausforex澳汇 还是假的ausforex啊
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