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    FXUHNwly8141 Trader
    Released in Hong Kong

    Forced liquidation after bought

    I sold 3 BTCUSD at 11,495.77 at 13:59:23, October 14, 2020. But the position was wiped out at 11,549.77 immediately after I sold. I suspect the fraud platform embezzled my money

    The following is the original
    2020年10月14日13:59:23我下sell 3,BTCUSD,購買的11495.77,一開倉即暴倉,同一時間2020年10月14日13:59:23瞬間爆倉在11549.77,嚴重懷疑這間黑平台吃掉我的金額
    Severe Slippage



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