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    FXESPakh1779 Agent
    Released in Malaysia

    Female fraud

    Be careful, this female liar named (Fang Min) will pretend to be familiar with you from Facebook, and on WeChat, she will pretend to greet and chat with you every day. She will send photos to you to see what she won and tempts you to make money with her or something. She will send you a customer service business card to tell you to find the customer service to deposit. She will first let you deposit a small amount of money and will teach you step by step. If there is a winning quotation, she will notify you on WeChat to place an order with her. At the beginning, I won several times and was able to withdraw a little bit and thought it was true. She would tell you about the big winning quotation once a month and ask you to deposit more and don't waste this opportunity to make money. You won’t be able to withdraw until you deposit more money. This female fraud will pretend to know you for several months

    The following is the original
    小心这女骗子名叫 ( 方敏 )的她会从脸书假装和你聊天熟悉了再加微信在微信上会假装每天和妳聊天嘘寒问暖的一段时间她就会发照片给你看她赢来的钱诱惑你带你和她一起赚钱什么的她会发客服名片给你叫你有什么不会的可以问客服先在充值。她会先让妳充值 小小的资金会慢慢的一个步骤的教会你。有行情她就会微信通知你和她一起下单会一直 赢钱 。 我刚开始是可以提现一点出来的以为是真的她就会在和你说一个月有一次的大行情什么的叫你充值多一点 不要浪费了这次 赚钱的机会。等你再次充值更多的钱就提现不出来了 这女骗子会假装认识你好几个月的



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