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    FXRIGgou6822 Trader
    Released in China

    A teacher named Chen Wei on Weibo gave recommendation and caused liquidation within 2 weeks.

    The broker cannot be the labeled one. I just want to diss this teacher. I deposited $9400. After liquidation, I applied to withdraw the remaining $300. The handling fee and spread fee were $3600 or so in total. Whatever the situation, he asked us to go short everyday. He pledged me to get registered under his name. But 70% to 80% of the order was wrong. I followed him in May. When it came to NFP in June, the price went down to 1680 from 1763. His most glory record might be that he told us to go short at 1690 when the price was 1700. What’s tragedy is that I haven’t join the NFP, only to see the price plummet from 1744 to 1707. During the trading, the profit was mere. When the price kept going down, he asked me not to set the stop-loss, leading to liquidation.

    The following is the original
    交易商可能不是本文标记的这个,主要是diss这个老师 入金9400美金爆仓出金300美金。去理论直接删除,手续费和点差一共有3600多美金 这货套路很鸡贼,不管三七二十一,天天喊空就完了,反正不是空就是多。微博上说话不痛不痒,天天就是套单的来找我帮忙,一找他他就会不停地让你在他那里开户交易。实盘给的单子7080%是错的,对的单子也就三五个点就让你跑了。 我开始关注是在5月,1763的时候喊空到6月大非农1680,不是他多NB,只是他一直都喊空,而且基本几个点就跑了,最辉煌的战绩恐怕就是大非农1700空1690跑了。 然后就是我悲催的时候了,大非农我没参与,之后开始跟着他操作,1680开始跟着他一路做空到1740,一路损,中途几乎没有对单子,偶尔对的就三五个点,1744跌到1707那几天他又怂了没喊空也没搞到钱,之后就是天天说什么反弹就是空直到1727空到1770我爆仓,说什么随时瀑布不要带止损等我提示,眼看着从1740,50,60 70直接爆仓 而且最好玩的是这货的微博以前还是个营销号。朋友们千万别跟。



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