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    What should I do after being scammed?

    The salesman Xiao Xu pulled me into a group, in which stocks recommended by badass couldn’t be sold out. He told me that, as long as I paid a service fee, I could enjoy the stocking recommending privileges. Actually, after signing the contract, I figured out that the gap between promotion and reality were enormous. I always made losses on recommended stocks. And there is no weekly or monthly layout on stock! Later, the group owner removed me off for fear that I might reveal the lowdown. I handled 80 thousand yuan for service fee, I made losses constantly. When I argued with them, they kept shirking.

    The following is the original
    业务员小徐以推荐股票为由把我拉进一个群,群里每天都有牛人推荐3只票,百分之九十都会封涨停。这时小徐告诉我说,只要缴纳一定的服务费就可以在群里享受股神荐股特权。小徐说一只股票赚的钱就够服务费了,但是我签了合同之后发现实际情况跟之前宣传有天壤之别! “股神”所推荐的股票基本亏损,而且根本没有之前说的周末布局、月末布局!完完全全的都是假的!后来群主找了个理由把我踢出群,他们怕我在里面揭露他们的真相。我交了8万服务费,他们推荐的股票却一直亏,跟先前说的情况严重不符!我一直亏损,被套牢,去找他们理论却一直在敷衍我!



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