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    • Unable to withdraw
    • Severe Slippage
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    Unable to withdraw CF GLOBAL
    Malicious manipulation in the background. Delete and change the account data

    I’ve lost hundreds of thousands yuan.

    FXAERkuu0069 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Access Direct
    No withdraw and no answer to my tickets

    Its been more then 10 days already since i request a withdraw and open tickets on support!NO MONEY AND NO ANSWER, THIS BROKER IS A SCAM!!!

    Mr. Rolex Published in Portugal
    Unable to withdraw MIEX
    Fraud broker. Unable to withdraw

    MIEX claimed the :NASDAQ as a publicity stunt. But in fact, it’s a fraud broker. You lose money, they stick on to you. But there will be many problems when you withdraw funds. So I called the police. Then they froze my account and I have been limited to sign in.

    FXEWWmhu1888 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw SEALARK
    Fraud broker. Unable to withdraw.

    A lot of sweet talks before you invest with them. But now I haven’t got my profit since I invested here. I wanna withdraw my principal but I can’t.

    FXWQSqej8919 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage INTERGROUP

    The current exchange rate of the deposit is 6.51. There are handling fees if you wanna withdraw funds. Severe slippage. I was cheated of $10,000

    FXLMKcxn4679 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEWSOLID
    The withdrawal can’t arrive

    I applied for withdrawal with my friend. She received her withdrawal but I haven’t

    FXGFUsmk2399 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Hconverge
    Worapon Toopmongkol

    I applied for withdrawal of $1,196.52 since April 12, 2021. But I am unable to get my money!

    FXNSHpfm5381 Published in Thailand
    Others Binary Options
    Binary Options is a scam

    This woman works for Binary Options. People are calling her a scammer.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw ATOM
    Unable to withdraw

    My MT4 account: 175750. I haven't got the feedback of ATOM since April 12, 2021

    FXEYGscj1715 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Fake ATFX
    What give you the right to limit me?

    I profited and they said I used the company's bug. When my money has been lost, why don't you say that you manioulate my account? Ridiculous

    FXQKPfwc6675 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEWSOLID
    Unable to withdraw in NEWSOLID

    I've made many phone calls. Please stay alert and avoid being cheated

    FXRHSswu7114 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Belfrics
    Unable to withdraw 22 BTC after deposit

    I would like to request assistant from you on the pending withdrawal of a crypto exchange.My partner has made a deposit of 22 Bitcoins into the Belfrics crypto exchange in the year 2019, the month of May. He tried to withdraw the bitcoin in this year 2020 month of March, 16th but the withdrawal still pending.

    FXGHCwxd2745 Published in Malaysia
    Others TPS
    My account was closed!!

    Unable to log in and withdraw!!!

    Karlsson1 Published in Hong Kong
    Unable to withdraw Swissquote
    The withdrawal has not arrived for seven days

    I should recharge 10% to become VIP and get my withdrawal

    FXEJGsgf1678 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw TPS
    TPS absconded with money. uNable to withdraw funds!

    The account was closed at about 18:00 of March 30, 2021. $1,473 in total,

    FXFVUbvb2120 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEWSOLID
    The withdrawal hasn't arrived

    I applied for withdrawal at 9:50 am on the morning of April 16. The customer service always asked me to wait for the arrival notification.

    FXCJGlao0864 Published in China
    Others MC
    The app can not be opened

    Keep loading for over 40 minutes

    FXNFMjby5366 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ANC
    Trick us into upgrading without allowing us to withdraw funds

    Temptation to voluntarily make an appointment to complete the promotion task and not to withdraw money. I have consulted with friends who are speculating on foreign exchange. Even if the promotion task is not completed, it should be possible to withdraw money reasonably. The customer account cannot be frozen, and the customer service does not have the right to be in the customer’s Perform any increase in the account

    FXEAErsj1815 Published in China
    Scam Fxtrading
    ifxtradingsignal Digitalstockfx

    these companies are scammers they scammed me of $6500 and blocked meThey will take your money and move on they created different groupchats.

    FXQMAfef6646 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw TCM
    Unable to withdraw

    Can't withdraw funds at all. How can I get my principal. These two people cheat us.

    FXNRRmxn5392 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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