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    Scam Exness
    What the hell

    TP not run 🤯 Look at my chart

    FXBHUbdd0484 Published in Vietnam
    Scam MFG

    Their quotations are strange compared to other companies'

    FXNNNesr5544 Published in Japan
    Scam VEONCO

    The guy who recommended Veonco to me disappeared after things happened. And the withdrawals are unavailable

    FXXLCsrm9553 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdaw

    I couldn't log in since yesterday.

    FXPXKgjw6392 Published in Japan
    Scam MIEX
    Cheated by frauds of the fraud platform

    You should be careful to avoid being cheated. There are some photos of the fraud platform screenshot and the URL. The screenshot of the fraud's QQ is as follows

    FXBANpww0460 Published in China
    Scam MFG
    This is a fraud website

    Make you wiped out by designated quotations. You'd better not use it

    FXMXHbes4969 Published in Japan
    Scam MOGAFX
    USG is a Ponzi scheme

    I can't withdraw funds last year, just as most investors. The business manager asked me to scalp to earn commissions last November. And the commissions can arrive in 1-3 days. I earned $680 with the capital of over $3,400. But I can't get my money for over two months. Now the salesman asked me to invest in MOGA and only in this way can I get my money in USG. I wanna ask if they belong to teh same boss. I should deposit 1,000 to wirhdraw 200. I dare not do it again for their bad reputation.

    FXLAGvfn4733 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw NEW HONGSHENG LIMITED
    newhongshengfx.com Scam Unable to withdraw

    The fraud said she was an analyst and made your profit at first to win your trust. The web seemed to be legal. But after you deposit funds, they disappeared. And the company rejected your withdrawals. I exposed photos of the fraud and her child who she used to win your pity. Do not be fooled. The last photo is her sister, who claimed herself to be a Senior analyst and gave accurate forex info

    FXEUPwha1863 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw MILIGO
    Unable to withdraw

    The fraud company hires some lawbreakers to pretend to be rich and handsome and induce people to invest XAU/USD in MT4 with guidance. They will help you profit but your money can't be withdrawn. Besides, they will keep contacting u and push u to deposit funds. I realized that something wrong so I didn't continue depositing funds. But the fraud was desperate and verbally attacked me. Stay away from strangers

    FXLURyaw4581 Published in Australia
    Scam DS investment Limited
    Means of fraud. The fraud teacher leads a group

    I helped a friend who I knew for a short time invest. So I was invited to a group chat to know more about investment and I operated for a week. The teacher Ma helped us profit, so some old members invited new members . I was effected, too. But I was wrong. Some of these old members are part of their fraud company. They cheated people to earn commissions. And I was removed from that group chat later. I was cheated without recognizing this situation. Now the teacher Ma deleted my contact and disappeared. Do not trust some so-called friends. They will pay for what they have done.

    FXPKRrci6256 Published in Macao
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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