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    FXFEIasn2297 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    Induce to deposit. Froze my account under the guise of Loan dispute

    I knew a male net friend via Pairs. She said she want to add my Line to chat. Then she said that she taught me to invest Forex after a period of time. At first, I opened a demo account and e-wallet so that I can deposit or withdraw easily. I profited when I followed her operations. Then she said the market will be in a bullish mood after  the release of US NFP and asked me to open an account and deposit. Then I followed her to manage my account. There was a severe loss one time, I want to close my position but she said if I hang on I can profit. I said I didn’t have money to deposit. She asked her uncle to lend me NT$1 million. I should return NT$100,000 next day and NT$800,000 next week. I profited after that so I didn’t suspect. I transferred 6000usdt to the MT5 account that she designated through e-wallet. It weirds me out more and more after that. I searched on the internet, which said it was a famous platform. I knew the deposit account of this company was listed as a warning account after I had called the police on 9/11. I applied for withdrawal at the same time and told that girl she was cheating me. She denied and asked me to return NT$800,000 on 9/14 or her uncle would play rough. The customer service contacted me today, 9/14 and said I had loan dispute with that girl. If I can’t solve this matter properly, my account would be frozen. Of course I didn’t coordinate with them, so my account was frozen by that fake customer service in the end.

    The following is the original
    今年8月在pairs認識女性網友,對方說要加line聊天,聊了一段時間說要教我投資外匯,一開始先開設模擬帳戶,並開立電子錢包,這樣日後出入金較方便,再跟著她下單,有獲利,接著說非農數據快公告,有大行情,叫我開設真實帳戶並入金,並跟著她操作,某次遇到盤中鉅額虧損,我原想認賠,她說扛過就可反敗為勝了,我說沒錢再入金,她說找叔叔借我100萬台幣入到MT5帳戶,然後隔天還20萬、次週再還80萬。 後來交易開始有賺,我也不疑有它,隔天先以電子錢包轉6000usdt到她指定的MT5帳戶,事後我越來越怪,上網查到這間公司是有名的平台,9/11報警處理才知道這公司在台灣的入金帳戶已被列為警示帳戶,同時我向該申請出金,且和那女生說她在騙我,她否認並要求我隔9/14先還清剩下80萬,如不還他叔叔會讓我很難看。 結果今天9/14line客服傳訊說那位女生說和我有資金借貸,如我未妥善處理就凍結我帳戶,想當然我未配合他們,最後那位假客服就凍結我的帳戶了



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