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    Released in Singapore

    Unable to withdraw. The net friend and the teacher all disappeared. Don't reply to u even if they see your mesaages.

    They will put a long line to hang a big fish and you will be scammed if you are not careful. The so-called foreign exchange market analyst, Mr. Chen Xiaohan, will always encourage you to deposit. He will use different remitter accounts to let you add deposits because it is more difficult to track. It will leave traces after passing by DS imvestment limited. Sooner or later the black platform of the old group will be arrested.

    The following is the original
    无法出金 所谓网上认识的朋友和她所谓的联系人 完全失联 上线了也不敢回复
    他们会用很贱的手段 放长线吊大鱼 你一不小心就会上钩了 那位老千 中国著名外汇行情分析师陈晓寒老师 会一直怂恿你入金 他会用不同的汇款人户口 来让你添加入金 因为这样就比较难追踪 但凡走过必留下痕迹 DS imvestment limited老千集团 黑平台迟早落网瓦解



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