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    Unable to withdraw Elpari Markets
    Unable to withdraw at all. Keep asking for money. Their predecessor is Financial IGM

    We reached an agreement that I could get my withdrawal if I reached the designated trading volume . But now they asked for margin and still can’t withdraw funds.

    FXYBRekg9751 Published in Taiwan
    Scam CryptoMatex
    scam broker.

    There is an allegation against this broker that they took control of a client's pc through a software and bought bitcoins with the client's money and transferred it to their own wallets. Complete fraud.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Huangding International
    I have been cheated. Can not access to meta trader5

    id 16001733. This is a scam and I lost all my money. I hope that I can get my money back...

    FXXGSxxl9595 Published in Thailand
    Scam GCM
    The bad attitude of the analyst

    The analyst’s attitude is extremely arrogant, he will ask you to deposit money every day, and then find an analyst on social software when something happens. The analyst ignores it. At the beginning, he called every day to ask you to deposit money. If you don’t have the willingness to deposit money, the analyst will start. Ignoring you, the analyst asked me to lock up the position and invest more.

    FXMPGwhb5139 Published in Malaysia
    Others ThinkMarkets
    No way to complain about the system error. No AFCA regulation

    Trading status: April 21, 2020 I wanna trade via ThinkTrader App I traded at about 16:40 and it went smoothly which can verify that my phone and the network are normal. I invested 250 positions of WTI Oil and I decided to close positions at 17:05. And when I was closing the positions, the network slagged. And I checked my positions after I had executed and the system showed that there was no position. So I thought that I closed all positions at that time After that, I checked the system again and found that I finished transactions at 17:11 cuz the margin was insufficient. But I didn’t know that. So the broker should compensate me. But =111 refused Share my experience: They didn’t answer me until 15 days passed. I complained this broker to AFCA while they don’t have the right to regulate this broker. Because Thinkmarkets said my account belonged to them. But the email sent by them hasn’t mentioned Think Capital Limited and their official email said the financial products were offered by TF Global Markets (UK) Ltdor TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd I hope investors who have the same experience as me could hep me handle the issue. Thanks.

    FXFFKswv2097 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw cwg
    The ucstomer service said that I oculd withdraw funds normally after freezing my account. Now they asked more money

    This must be a scam to cheat my money

    FXLHMawj4571 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Financial IGM
    Can't withdraw

    Ask for margin while I still can't withdraw funds!!!!

    xxxxx Published in Taiwan
    Others Monfex
    I have been cheated

    I wanna sue Monfex. They tried to pursuade me to invest $20,000 here. And if I wanna withdraw my money, I should deposit another $20,000. But in the end, I lost all. They are thieves. And they semm to disappear now

    FXHKImvx3179 Published in Colombia
    Unable to withdraw NYFX
    Unable to withdraw

    NYFX promised that they would pay on May 31 while they haven't.

    FXLYNbes4641 Published in Vietnam
    Scam GKFX Prime
    Comercial Manipulation

    The position can be liqudiated even if the stop loss hasn't been hitted

    FXYHPnwl9703 Published in Paraguay
    Unable to withdraw OLYMPTRADE
    Unable to withdraw

    I tried to withdraw funds in this platform while I can't

    FXDNWjeb1462 Published in Paraguay
    Unable to withdraw zhh global
    Suspected Money Laundering of zhh global

    zhh global, a fraud broker: lose all the time and unable to withdraw after profiting. Do not invest here. It’s a Ponzi scheme.

    FXKLIkgu4008 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Deriv

    First, they have saved my credit card without my permission, first withdraw they claim that they cant withdraw to the same card and after complaining a lot they did. After i deposit the second time again the same story they cant withdraw to the same card! That's ridiculous and requested to escalate to the head of compliance and they refuse it!

    Mr. Rolex Published in Portugal
    Unable to withdraw Flying Hummingbird
    Scam broker

    can't withdraw my money for 1 month already. they ask to pay tax 10% and other recharge.

    FXDDLofx1378 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw BrokerXP
    BrokerXP is a scam.

    There have been multiple allegations against this broker that they dont allow withdrawals and give false reasons for withdrawal failures.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others BidAsks
    BidAsks embezzled investors' assets

    I've emailed them several times about my frozen account while no answer yet.

    FXTHAdly7806 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Uniglobe Markets
    Withdrawal problems.

    Multiple clients have complained that this broker does not let them withdraw from their account and also doesnt't respond to their emails.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Fraud broker blocks withdrawals

    Just like the picture. I deposited $2,266 on June 10 without any trading. However, over $800 was deducted on 15th. No explanation yet

    FXPOLpvk6383 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Fake FXTM
    Unable to withdraw

    I’ve invested here for over a year and withdrawals go smoothly all the time. While there have been endless fees recently. First tax and then verification fees and margin. In the end, they said I could not withdraw funds because of Regional issues in Australia! I can’t trust them anymore!

    FXFTXpyk2171 Published in Australia
    Resolved Cooper Markets
    Fraud broker with fake candlestick

    Lots of people have been cheated. Pay attention! They control the risk with transaction suspension if there is a fluctuation of over 2% or the slippage of over 30%, which make you feel good.

    FXCBVftv1067 Published in Hong Kong
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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