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    Unable to withdraw Huangding International
    cant do withdraw

    Im start with 1600$ and start winning with him. after 2 days win 200$ and can withdraw. After make more deposit 5000$ and start play more and more. make 10000 wanna withdraw and thay ask to pay more money like a tax to make withdraw and i know if i pay i cant do withdraw, just loose money!!!!

    FXGUTxky2445 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw CF GLOBAL

    CF Global is a Multinational scam company and no matter how you pay all the fees requested by them, you will never be allowed to withdraw your funds. I have paid for all taxes as requested by the customer care and till now i have not been able to withdraw a penny. Review of someone here who recovered his losses via financialrecovery .tech company gives me hope that i can recover my funds back. i urge everyone to submit their complaints too

    FXKUEfha4116 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Axiory
    Axiory hold my withdrawal.

    I cannot withdraw money in axiory broker. He mentioned that my address expired. I do not understand.

    FXKCKodc4141 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Euronext
    This company holds onto profit and refuse withdrawal

    I wanted to withdraw my profit but the customer service said that I can only withdraw a part of it so i tried but that was also declined.I wanted to get my money back by calling the police and also complaining in an email to financialrecovery. tech, but the police didn't take it at all, the complaint i made through that email got me access to my principal and the profits linked to my account. . Everyone must be principled! At present, the case has been filed to the police, but i doubt they'll take any serious action, I have come to understand that Euronext might be profitable but they don't have any intention of giving investors access to their funds.

    FXHWPjvo3117 Published in Australia
    Scam hiifx
    I should expose the fraud

    I showed the information of the fraud in order that you can avoid being cheated by him.The process of the scam is so dramatic, he used many different identities to induce others to invest and made other people reach the point of no return. The so-called teacher in the stock group focuses on customers who made a loss and recommend shares, futures or other investments to you. That’s a scam. The teacher has many different QQ in the name of analysis teacher, investment consultant of future, businessman or top operator. Let you profit, then let you lose money again and again.Torment you by inch. And you will lose all the money in the end without noticing the scam.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Scam BetacryptoFx

    I have been scammed by this company on luno

    FXCKUwsw1155 Published in South Africa
    Others ATIROX

    After deposit USD100 in October 2020 traded and made profit Of 20USD . After that the the server couldn’t be logged in and numerous attempts to retrieve failed. Many emails sent not replied . Totally scam because our class members of about 100 of us opened an account with Atirox and all of us could not do anything about it

    FXDFQwtg1240 Published in Malaysia
    Others AETOS
    Modify users’ accounts, make the remittance info wrong

    Ask for unfreezing fees. Sometimes $1,000, sometimes $5,000

    FXJIRkfo3948 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    The delay of the small amount of money has not been solved

    It has been five months. The manager doesn’t solve problems with excuses. I need my money urgently. Please give me my money asap.

    FXAIHdcs0341 Published in China
    Others ADSS
    This broker sucks recently

    I encountered so many problems such as unable to place orders or close positions. But I can place orders on other brokers at the same time. They do not receive new customers and deposits. If you wanna withdraw funds, your positions should be settled before the withdrawal. Be careful of this broker.

    FXTXYwdw7671 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw ZHONG YANG INTERNATIONAL
    Scam. Unable to withdraw

    Upgrade needs money.

    FXSOBmhl7210 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    USGFX is a fraud now

    The customer manager induced me to keep depositing funds in MOGA. I applied for withdrawal in August 2020 while I can not get my money.

    王辰锋 Published in China
    Scam eXcentral
    The response is so rude.

    The manager controls the investment platform. Unable to withdraw. I’ve reported such situation to eXcentral many times, but the manager lampooned me. I’m a new hand and follow their instructions. But I lost money for their wrong instructions. And they asked me to add more on grounds of margin. What they did is not to help u earn money, making your positions wiped out compulsorily. After they claimed that the customer manager was unfit, they disappeared.

    FXLKUuff4490 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Tradesto
    Withdrawal issue

    The withdrawal has been approved since 2 months ago but still not receiving any movey back yet

    FXAHXshr0094 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw RELY
    Use excuses to delay withdrawals. There are unspoken rules about the closing time

    It has been a month since I was unable to withdraw.

    FXBEOguh0531 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw IBH
    Unable to withdraw

    I can't withdraw funds since December 2020. They ensured me that I could withdraw funds in January 2021. But now it was delayed to June.

    FXBKDopi0641 Published in Thailand
    Severe Slippage NewSolid
    False propaganda. The spread has been widened maliciously, making forced liquidation

    This broker changed its name and domain frequently with severe slippage.

    FXQCXixc6513 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ACTGOLD

    This is a romance scam. Do not deposit. Ask for 120,000 yen as the first deposit. And then you can withdraw 10,000 yen. But after that, you will be asked to add one million yen. If you refuse, you are unable to withdraw funds. If you keep depositing funds, your money will be cheated more.

    FXGWOaso2489 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw DMM FX
    market manipulation

    The way this platform works, you make an order and someone else on the platform manipulates the trend to ensure that you lose money and cannot close the position, I called the attention of financialrecovery.tech by submitting a complaint to them in a feat to get my investment back because I also noticed that in situations when the big market comes, you make the right order but you are unable to open the position again. You often lose money and end up closing the position because that is the only working option however, my complaints sparked up a chain of reactions that resulted in a refund.

    FXHWPjvo3117 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw Spring
    Unable to withdraw

    I paid 30,000 as tax last year and now they ask for 80,000 as the tax to withdraw funds.

    FXSKBhfi7519 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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