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    FXAOGksl0277 Trader
    Released in Singapore

    To earn the commission, it lied to clients, which caused liquidation.

    This person likes talking big. He only can shirk the the onus when causing liquidation. He like using ‘Soft in Head’ to insult clients. He asked us to email to the company if any question. But no service responded. Actually, he is the person that has soft in the head. After causing liquidation, he had a guilty conscience and removed me off 4 groups. He also set a group to pass on legit knowledge. As long as someone talked bad on USG, he would get angry. He sheltered the trader who caused the liquidation, changing the password as if nothing happened.

    The following is the original
    谎话一流 为了佣金欺骗客户 导致客户爆仓 一出金就爆
    此人说大话厉害 客户爆仓他只会推卸责任 已经第二次爆仓了 只会一直答非所问 一直推卸责任说到自己没错这样 喜欢用你脑子有问题之类的话骂人 到别人骂他的时候他就不爽 没有素质 问他问题 叫我email给公司 公司没回复 我去问别人 他也不爽 真正脑子有问题的是他吧 usg出金有时候迟到账 问他他就不爽 客户爆仓说的自己没错那样 还做贼心虚把我从他4个群组提出 如果他说的那么正直 需要这样做? 还建了一个什么正规外汇知识群 明明自己就是最不正规的那个 只要有人说到usg 他就不爽 他说别人就可以 大家不要再被这个人骗了 只会说一大堆的风凉话 说没人来吵都是骗人的 每天只会放那些赚钱的操盘手 亏钱就静静 明明就爆过仓的操盘手硬说成没爆过 放三个操盘手爆了两个 感觉是故意的 爆仓了就把观摩号的密码换掉 当作没发生过



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