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    FXNHMxad5486 Trader
    Released in China

    Fudge investors into depositing, the trader is not responsible for the loss, resulting in the loss of all the principal

    I was fooled into depositing money, and was told that this product is guaranteed and traded with a trader. The trader is not responsible for the loss, which leads to a direct loss of the principal. 1. The so-called investment consultants said: no risk, capital preservation, and deposits can be traded by traders. After deposits, traders have no risk control and position control at all, and there is no control in adding one hand to one hand. And the trader stops the loss if you lose. 2. The spread is large, and the commission is $30 per lot.

    The following is the original
    被忽悠入金说保本,找交易员带单,交易员单单不带损,带损也频繁打损,导致本金直接亏光。 1、所谓投顾诱惑说:无风险,保本,入金可由交易员带单,入金后交易员带单根本没风控和仓位控制,一手一手的加仓不带损。亏损了就止损出局。 2、点差较大,手续费每手$30。



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