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    Unable to withdraw Starling Gold Asset
    Withdrawal is to complicated

    until now , i can't withdraw my profit. almost 5 months

    FXRJAlac7066 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw MarketPluse
    Can’t withdraw

    It’s been almost three months and I can’t withdraw. I don’t even bother trading with them anymore because whether I make a profit or not it’s all numbers on the screen. They either ignore your withdrawal message or Come up with one excuse or the other. STAY AWAY unless you enjoy just looking at numbers on the screen.

    FXCMUhuv1014 Published in United Kingdom
    Unable to withdraw GTC
    Unable to withdraw. Linked traps

    I didn’t mention it when I withdrew the cash. The customer service told me that the bank card was entered incorrectly. After the funds were frozen, I needed to pay the same amount of money to unfreeze. After unfreezing, I was asked to pay a bank deposit of 20,000 yuan. I hope the regulatory authorities will investigate

    FXOEMhdy5856 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Onoka
    Unable to withdraw

    This is a scam. You can't withdraw funds if you don't deposit more.

    FXRQGycj6997 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Haishengefx
    Scam in the name of forex. Now unable to withdraw

    The frauds are led by Jiuwei Su from Linyi Shandong and Guangfei Wang, cheating people of hard-earned money

    qwma Published in China
    Unable to withdraw
    Maxxx Trade pro

    Prevent us from withdrawing funds with varied reasons such as identification, VIP channel, insuficient score and turnover. I have no way but to expose them here. My money of over ¥500,000 is unable to withdraw

    FXTAPeeu7963 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CAPSTONE凯石
    Unable to withdraw

    Can't withdraw funds before depositing ¥170,000. This must be a scam. What if I can't withdraw funds after topping up ¥170,000? Can I recover my principal under such circumstance?

    FXSVDtor7221 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw GRAM Markets
    Unable to withdraw in GRAM Markets

    I invested in grammartks and invested in mt5, but I have not been able to withdraw the funds, and the company’s website was unable to log in in November last year. I asked the leading teacher and he said the webpage was maintained. After that, the teacher would not read my messages and no one could help. Processing, can your organization help with the withdrawal of funds?

    FXTYIbqp7698 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Tradesto
    Unable to Withdraw

    It has been over a year. And it's still under review. Don't know what they are doing

    FXWRMaum9028 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw WEINIAN
    Unable to withdraw. Malicious deception

    Unable to withdraw. Malicious deception

    FXUXMdtn8285 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw HK South China International
    Unable to withdraw

    I applied for a withdrawal on January 8, 202. But it hasn’t been approved yet. They promised that it just took 2-3 days or 1-5 days to withdraw funds. No response so far

    FXAXVkqh0157 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw Returnforex1
    Can't withdraw before deposit money

    My name is Conrad Lodewyk, I've been introduced by Zesipho Samkelo to trade with returnforex.1 with the minimum amount of R1 500. The expert so called, chat with me to put more R1 500, which I did. within 5 days the profit was $15000. Then was advised to withdraw, but first to deposit the amount of R8 400. I did deposit but then I received money notification but the money wasn't in the bank account. They asked me to deposit R22 000 for authorization, R5 000 for identification. now they need R25K

    FXGOSwun2539 Published in South Africa
    Resolved HSBC
    Fraud company, HSBC

    A stranger asked me to help her operate in the beginning. And then I was induced to open an account. But now the web is disabled. How can I get my money back

    FXKYNfyw4039 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ALPHA TRADEX
    Fraud platform

    Unable to log in, contact them or withdraw funds. They must abscond. Pay attention, guys

    FXRAEsci7184 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw HXI FX
    Unable to withdraw funds

    Attempted to withdraw funds after investing significant accounts. After request was put through, they pushed me for a withdrawing tax or else they would not release my funds. Pushed them to deduct the taxes from my account funds which were met with futile answers. A bit more research led me to believe that they were just requesting for more and more money to no end. Stay away!

    FXLPSoyx4430 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw GTC
    Can’t withdraw funds without depositing funds, at least ¥10,000

    Can’t withdraw funds without depositing funds, at least ¥10,000

    FXOMMsin5953 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Haishengefx
    Unable to Withdraw

    Haishengefx ruins our families. Please recover our hard-earned money! The money I invested was borrowed. How can we survive with the loan?

    FXGMXkvo2678 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw huiyuan capital pty ltd

    The web can't be opened and there is 130,000 in my account. Jiuwei Su just disappeared. But this money is very improtant to my family

    FXCNIude1118 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IQ Option
    Unable to trade in IQ Option or withdraw funds

    Limit my transaction and lower my profit. What’s worse, block me in digital option. They mistook my withdrawals deliberately, making my money unable to withdraw or go back. It took me long time to get my money back to my account. Fraud platform

    FXDYXkwe1500 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Tradeview
    Took them 6 business days to make a BTC transaction

    TRADEVIEW is a company who tries to scam their clients. Ive made a withdrawal request via BITPAY with a segwit wallet on dec 27th and after i got in contact many times with Jose Pino i finally received my transaction on jan 6th. They are charging the clients BITPAY FEES when they pay via uphold where the fees are much lower. I lost 4.6k where i believe is all planned. They dont pay clients via BITPAY but still charging BITPAY FEES. If they know BTC is going up and you make a withdrawal request via btc, they will take days to make the transaction when BTC is up higher. Theres many pictures about what happened to me in this broker. BE CAREFUL. THEY WILL TRY TO MAKE EXCUSES SO THEY CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR GAINS. DONT RECOMEND

    traderbr Published in Brazil
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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