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    Unable to withdraw GTC
    Hope the relevant departments can solve the problem

    My principle is ¥96,000. Now I can’t withdraw. At first, the customer service said it was because of my wrong bank card number. Then ask me to pay unfreezing fund of ¥16,000. Now, they asked me to pay money again. Fraud company.

    FXUXErmr8217 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw EXANTE
    I checked the bank card number twice before I withdraw while the customer service said my card number was wrong and I have to pay 20% as the unfreezing fund!

    I checked the bank card number twice before I withdraw while the customer service said my card number was wrong and I have to pay 20% as the unfreezing fund!

    FXTTFcey7991 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Sacreda Ring 1 Limited
    A gang of frauds. Unable to withdraw. Margin call and tax... It’s illegal.

    A fraud platform. Please call the police. I believe they will be caught one day. I hope the governments of Australia, Malaysia and China can work together.

    FXCLChpe1132 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw Millennium Alpha
    Unable to withdraw

    The website can’t be opened now. Unable to withdraw. I’ve tried several times and I can’t log in.

    FXLBArxy4403 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    Compensate the loss.

    MOGAFX didn’t return the profit.

    FXDLJmkx1579 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw fx-e
    No one handles my withdrawal, even the customer service.

    I applied for withdrawal several days ago. The customer service asked me to send him a video which is about I hold my ID card and read my information and the withdrawal amount. I sent. But there is no reply. I can’t contact the customer service now.

    FXNJXmdn5364 Published in China
    Resolved DIF Broker
    Freeze account. Not allow withdrawals.

    I should pay 30% to unfreeze my account.

    FXERSbxo1776 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Liquid
    Expose Liquid, a fraud platform

    A fraud platform. You can deposit but can’t withdraw. Bilk people of all their money and still bilk. They use lots of reasons to avoid withdrawals. Le you pay margin! The same reason to everyone! Make people feel sick!

    FXBQWoex0740 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Engel FX
    Can’t withdraw since August

    Fraud company. Keep delaying. It’s said the company was communicating with a Stock Exchange. But there is no news.

    FXWJXbtt8929 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Poseidon
    Unable to withdraw

    Apply for withdrawal yesterday but they keep shrinking. There is severe slippage today. Account balance becomes negative.

    FXESYmkd1692 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw J.P. Morgan
    A clone of J.P. Morgan. Unable to withdraw

    A lot of live rooms were used: King Finance, Phoenix, JinShiCaiJing, DiYiCaiJing, XinDouCaiJing. The teachers are Robin, JinShan, Zoe, Gaoming, TianYa, DongFang. Agang of frauds, free from being cheated.

    FXTBTuvh7925 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Tradesafefxbtc
    i invested alot of money but i won't be allowed to withdraw my profit

    Joseph Lubin and Raymond Moore

    FXNILvmt5493 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw TREX
    Unable to withdraw

    I can't withdraw since yesterday. I don't kno what is going on. Today I'm told it is because of channel maintenance but don't give the accurate time.

    NeiNei Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Sacreda Ring 1 Limited
    Unable to Withdraw

    I see similarities with others. Someone from Tinder said he has an uncle who can advise when to trade. Everytime we trade I make money, but last time I lost everything. So, I restarted again. Now that I think I have recovered my loss, I wanted to withdraw money. Then they said because I'm not VIP, I need to pay a 10% deposit. I paid that. Took a few days to verify. Then now they said my account was suspected of illegal trading. To unblock it, I will need to pay a release.

    FXNGTttx5258 Published in Malaysia
    Unable to withdraw GMS

    I have been informed of withdrawal for a very long time, but no action has been taken. Including losing contact Cannot contact the administrator of the GMS even once. There have been several denouncements from customers that they have been cheated

    FXIXKajq3385 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Yuheng Capital

    I invested in a Chinese platform. It’s easy to deposit and withdraw at first. Later, I added funds but I can’t withdraw. It still exists and embezzled customers’ money. I asked the customer service, he said there were lots of withdrawals so I have to wait.

    FXSANeqx7414 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw 宝盛微交易
    Fraud platform

    Someone led me to invest here. At first, I can withdraw. Later, I invested my whole shebang of ¥2,650. While I realized I was cheated yesterday, at 6:30pm, October 26. I was removed from the group chat and can’t withdraw.

    FXVOXfnt8432 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MILIGO
    Unable to withdraw

    Fraud platform. I can’t withdraw because they said I had the suspicious of money laundering after paying margin and tax.

    FXQSKmio6447 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw Liquid
    Liquid gives no access to withdrawal

    Unable to withdraw. Cheat you of hard-earned money. Nobody cares.

    FXEIDvko1635 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    unable to withdrawal....

    I am waiting since 40 days to withdrawal and every time I am contacting them they answer: "We are currently undergoing a regulatory transition hence the withdrawal time will be prolonged. Your feedback is well received and we will notify your account manager to assist you as soon as possible." No words...

    FXGOJwth2787 Published in Greece
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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