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    Severe Slippage NewSolid
    False propaganda. The spread has been widened maliciously, making forced liquidation

    This broker changed its name and domain frequently with severe slippage.

    FXQCXixc6513 Published in China
    Severe Slippage FXTM
    The slippage of USDCAD is over 100 pips

    Hit the SL suddenly

    FXTXBtvw7836 Published in Singapore
    Severe Slippage XSpot
    Deceptive platform

    They adopted a deceptive method that made me see their high profits, and then deceived me into depositing more money by claiming violation of rules, payment of margins or taxes, increased commissions at the time of settlement, On the X Spot Markets website, I have noticed a few times when there was a sudden abnormal phenomenon of sharp rise and fall curve that has caused serious slippage of their software.

    FXOSIvim5672 Published in United States
    Severe Slippage OANDA
    Price reached and did not stop profit

    When the price arrives, it doesn't stop the profit, and the stop loss will stop early. I have encountered it more than once. I responded to the customer service, and the customer service only said that the market price has not arrived. So, did you draw the picture for fun?

    FXVJTltf8515 Published in Taiwan
    Severe Slippage ZFX
    There is a  discrepancy between the prices.

    Time: 3.22. Broker exposed: 111 Trading time: 11:51 Spread: 8.07894. The price here went up and down immediately within a second twice, making forced liquidation. The customer said the data sources can be different in different companies. And my margin is not up to 30%.

    FXYUWqgd9898 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage da tian
    You'd better invest with a foreign broker

    Slippage of 50 pips. The turnover was not enough and 6% handling fee was required.

    FXQNWkln6623 Published in China
    Severe Slippage BT Global
    BT Global makes positions wiped out

    Manipulate in the background. Make me lose 370,000

    兴盛法务 Published in Japan
    Resolved NAG Markets

    For example, for XAU/USD at 1728.5, when I enter a lot, it will inexplicably become 1728.55. When I am out, I will make a profit of 450, and when I am out, it will become 420. If it is occasional, it will be fine. It is every order, the entry and exit points are all A part of it is higher than the display. Over time, the loss is self-evident, too much, the platform feedback is also invalid, the operation is lost, not excessive, this kind of dark operation is really hateful

    FXSEDlef7369 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage IC Markets
    Slippage of Bitcoin

    Beware of your money

    FXYXUarj9975 Published in Spain
    Severe Slippage TR
    Slippage does exist

    The most important is that there is rollover! And there is just a little left after deducting teh rollover

    FXTVNsnj7766 Published in China
    Severe Slippage FXPRO
    Severe slippage. The spread slipped when the market opened on Monday

    The candlestick exceeded 30 pips of my SL!!! And I emailed them but they didn’t compensate!!!

    FXIHTlkl3448 Published in China
    Resolved ForexMart
    Hit the TP but the position wasn't closed

    Hit the TP but the position wasn't closed

    ARI Published in Indonesia
    Severe Slippage Dakras
    This is a scam!!

    I was cheated of $900,000! Take care everyone!!

    FXRCVpwb6835 Published in China
    Severe Slippage eForex

    Fraud brokers doing after keeping SL and TP and also Gold never reached 1874 they are telling I have opened a buy how can I open a buy at 1874 when market didn't reach till that point.

    FXNBTjkf5378 Published in India
    Severe Slippage LunoTrade
    Scam - Thato Minenhle

    Another scammer, soon I discover that she is not speaking one of my own languages (like Zulu or Xhosa) then I suspected it's not thru, she blocked me on FaceBook. Did not pay any money in this account, but lot of people had already know that she is no who she claim to be. Be careful, I think the scammer is a group of syndicate's operating on FaceBook using LUNO system.

    FXCMRkpx1178 Published in South Africa
    Severe Slippage TigerWit
    Worst broker I ever tried! Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

    Absolutely broker, never had such a bad experience with a broker before in my life.. Please avoid at all costs!! I have been trading for 5 years, and used many brokers in my life, this one is definitely one that you should avoid trading with.. Just because they support a famous football team, says it all!! Market makers are real out there guys. Take care

    FXNHTlfv5235 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage PX PRIXO MARKETS
    Overnight spread around more than 100 pips

    please be careful when each the position not close the same day and let it be for next day, the spread very extreme high and can be margin call.

    Putera Bongsu Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage Tickmill

    not recomend for using this broker

    FXIYUpyy3586 Published in Indonesia
    Resolved bofu210
    Severe Slippage

    The quotations are different from the formal ones. Fraud platform induces customers by bonus.

    FXJCKgep3925 Published in China
    Severe Slippage BAQuote
    Forced liquidation for slippage of 200 pips

    Keep ask customers to add more money in the platform. And induce customers to invest by high bonus

    FXEXPcyq1959 Published in Vietnam
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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