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    • Unable to withdraw
    • Severe Slippage
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    Severe Slippage Exness
    Severe Slippage

    It's because of manipulations

    FXKBItth4318 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage MiTRADE
    Scam and severe slippage

    Manipulate price with plugins

    FXHFXqjl3113 Published in Vietnam
    Severe Slippage BT Global
    The price of XAU/USD reached $1855.78 at 10:30, January 14. Please help me and give me justice

    Severe slippage on January 14, 2021 made my positions wiped out. XAU/USD fell to about 1329 from 1942 this morning, at 10:30. But 111 manipulated the market, making it rise to 1855.78 from 1830 and blocked your server, making you unable to operate. When you logged out and relogin, your account was cleared. But 1855.78 wasn’t reached on other software. I reported it to the customer service, but they were stalling and waiting. I thought I was a new hand so I lost $9,161. But this is manipulation. I wanna get a refund.

    FXOBIrwh5728 Published in China
    Severe Slippage CF GLOBAL
    Severe Slippage

    Fluctuate greatly. Close positions compulsorily. I didn’t meet such situation before.

    FXQJXcjd6701 Published in China
    Severe Slippage easyMarkets
    Severe slippage. Please see the attached pictures. Unreliable.

    Severe slippage. Please see the attached pictures. Unreliable.

    FXABFell0231 Published in China
    Severe Slippage LiteForex
    Trượt giá nghiêm trọng

    on January 6, 2021 I placed a sell order. My stop loss price is 1940. But the slippage happened until 1934. The broker closed the order. Serious price slippage. I reported to exchange support that day. but still not resolved, refund to trader. thanks

    FXQVLacc6468 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage Ontega
    Severe Slippage

    They provided a consultant for u at first but the so-called teache knwe nothing about investment. The only thing they knew was to ask for more money.

    FXPGAkww6337 Published in Colombia
    Severe Slippage FP Markets
    Severe Slippage

    Severe Slippage

    FXQAKvub6412 Published in Vietnam
    Severe Slippage BTCUSDT
    Market manipulation. Ask for more money

    I deposited $35,000 and profited $200,000 within an hour. But when I invested more money, I lost more.

    FXILJrpw3597 Published in France
    Severe Slippage NEWSOLID

    Severe slippage. Set SL at 1900, while close at 1895, more than five pips. The platform said it was STP model and it's very normal

    FXCJGlao0864 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Wanhuay
    There was an abnormal plummet in Wanhuay

    YM which I purchased plummeted, which was inconsistent with the actual market, making me lose money

    FXHXPpjv3005 Published in China
    Severe Slippage ATFX
    Severe slippage

    SL at 1899.5 while close at 1877

    FXNDEyyd5297 Published in China
    Severe Slippage ATFX
    Severe slippage in ATFX. SL of 1900 goes down to 1878. It's meaningless to set SL

    Please stay away from this platform, guys

    FXGXRuwb2696 Published in China
    Severe Slippage XINHUIBAO
    Severe slippage. Fraud platform

    The slippage is up to 20 pips! I feel upset about the customer service's attitude when they handled my issues as ab old customer of this platform. I exposed them here and hope u can acoid being heated! You should think twice if u wanna invest here!

    FXRGFcks6841 Published in China
    Resolved Juno Markets
    SL is useless

    Set SL at 1898 while close at 1880

    FXBUWtjg0596 Published in Vietnam
    Severe Slippage WEINIAN
    Induced fraud. Malicious manipulation. Unable to withdraw

    The team of Shengtian Wang and Haichen Long manipulated the market maliciously and induced investors to buy BTC. Haichen Long led me to deposit 28,000 on the night of December 28. And deposit $10,000 again under the guidance of Shengtian Wang and the assistant. Now I can’t withdraw funds at all. It is totally a scam. I called the police and I hope frauds can be caught early!

    FXUXMdtn8285 Published in China
    Severe Slippage B2W
    Fraud platform

    The account became negative and I was asked for another deposit or I will be liable. This forced liquidation is inexplicable. And the pread shwoed was wrong.

    FXHJGqad3011 Published in Germany
    Severe Slippage WeTrade
    Severe slippage? Does the platform embezzle customers’ losses?

    It’s normal on other platforms.

    FXLBLeis4515 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage QIVIUT
    Someone touch my MT4 then lost money.

    Just 30 munuits ago, someone use my MT4 by remote, then trading BTCUSD 3 times and lost all of my money in a 5 minuites. maybe teacher or her friend. I have to die now.

    FXXJVwul9243 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage Tifia
    Set SL at 40. Close at 33

    Slippage of 5 pips

    FXSQTjwf7251 Published in Vietnam
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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