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    • Severe Slippage
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    Severe Slippage FXSuit

    The spread was up to 4,000 pips at 7:00pm, October 26, making forced liquidation.

    FXYOAnsj9731 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage EternalWealth
    Forced liquidation after bought

    I sold 3 BTCUSD at 11,495.77 at 13:59:23, October 14, 2020. But the position was wiped out at 11,549.77 immediately after I sold. I suspect the fraud platform embezzled my money

    FXUHNwly8141 Published in Hong Kong
    Severe Slippage FXSuit
    There is spread of 4,000

    This is teh fig. You can't see the spread from the fig. It's a scam.

    FXJADufw3613 Published in Japan
    Severe Slippage Tix
    Fraud platform

    Don't coordinate with the market. Manipulate the market manually. Severe slippage. Black case work.

    YTYH Published in Hong Kong
    Severe Slippage NEWSOLID
    NEWSOLID cheats me of my hard-earned money

    A guy called Wangxin introduced this platform to me through friends. I profited at first. But later, I made a loss of ¥100,000 within three days. They promised to control risk and set stop loss price. You principal is their profit. He accidentally said his service fee was ¥40,000. This is a fraud platform which gives you adverse recommendations. You’ll burn all your money. Please be vigilant. It’s said that their headquarters is at New Zealand, but in fact, it’s a simulation capital tray. Their number and customer service are all fake.

    FXAYFofv0399 Published in China
    Resolved Tix
    There is severe slippage in the fraud platform. Unable to withdraw! Let’s expose them together

    It’s completely a fraud platform. The market hasn’t been in coordinate with other platforms. It’s manipulated manually. You should be careful if you are investing here. Such kind of platform is so dangerous! Someone who were cheated by it can report them!

    FXHKOxvp2893 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Severe slippage

    There is a slippage of 500 pips. And my positions were closed at the stop loss price! What a rip-off!

    FXSJQjlh7340 Published in China
    Resolved ATFX
    The speed of withdrawal is getting slower after deposit

    The speed of withdrawal is getting slower! It has been over an hour and I haven’t received the withdrawal!!!

    FXRVJjcw7181 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    Wide spread. Scam

    Wide spread. The service fee is $50 per lot, so expensive

    FXXKAqyh9207 Published in China
    Severe Slippage UBFX
    UBFXUBFX Scam Broker

    They should be arrested for the fact that you would lose your money no matter the trend is up or down. All they want is to steal our money!

    FXXYHagj9568 Published in China
    Resolved Fortune-ever
    Ausind's own products suffered serious slippage

    Ausind's own products suffered serious slippage, which costed all my savings.

    FXNIUewm5380 Published in Taiwan
    Severe Slippage JINRONG
    There is a severe slippage in JINRONG! The customer service answered like a robot! Bad attitude.

    Severe slippage! No solution! Just pass the buck.

    FXKVRwlb4112 Published in China
    Severe Slippage GMT Markets
    High service fee

    I bought one lot and it cost me $25 of the service fee. I didn't profit that much.

    舟游世界 Published in China
    Severe Slippage EXNESS
    Unreasonable spread

    Many positions were wiped out because of unreasonable spread

    FXOQEgwk5745 Published in Vietnam
    Severe Slippage DK Trade
    Fraud platform. Pocket my money

    I deposited 5,000 then then I lost the money. After that I added 5,000, it was still lost. I was vigilant after that so I just deposited 2,000 and traded less than 1 lot, 0.5 lot at most. So I profited over 30,000 besides the capital loss. Unexpectedly, I lost all the money with less than 1 lot. And the withdrawal hasn’t been to my account yet. It’s easy and quick to deposit but hard and slow when you withdraw? It becomes licentiousness

    FXBLMgqr0737 Published in China
    Severe Slippage JINRONG
    Severe slippage. The customer service is just like a robot and ignores me

    If I sell short at 1965 and my transaction value is 1964.85 or less. If I close the position at 1965, the close price will be 1965.15 or more. Every trade is like this. There were more than 50 pips of spread. ( If I set the stop loss price at 1968.1, my position will be closed at 1967.6) Then I go to the background to see the price, and it’s 1968.73 while the highest price is less than 1968.23. All my positions were closed at the stop loss price but the actual price was dozens of pips higher than the stop loss price. The customer service ignore me so I wen to the customer service via QQ. Then we checked together. Later we found out that the price was wrong and the QQ customer service didn’t respond to me, either. What a rip-off!

    FXEHIlnd1902 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Super Forex
    Unable to ride Stop Loss

    While trading with this broker, I was not able to shift my SL (Stop Loss) to my profit area, which altered my profitable trades.

    Tonyjamys Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage TR
    Difficult to withdraw

    I canceled the trusteeship for over a month and I didn't profit. There is no position which can profit three times and it's abnormal. I can just withdraw part of my proncipal after at least several months if it is go on like this

    迷失 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Wanzhou Gold
    Wanzhou Gold does activities for the gimmick

    I traded last night but the price didn’t exist.

    FXMLLowl4983 Published in China
    Severe Slippage Swissquote
    The spread is too high. Charge high service fee

    The spread of EUR/USD is 50 pips. The service fee of 1 lot is 50. So the cost is 100. It’s hard to profit. My money was wiped out.

    FXWQBsoa8893 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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