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    Scam Optionsi

    Unable to withdraw. Retail investors haven’t got their profits for five months. Yongtan Ding still cheats people. Return my hard-earned money!!!

    FXQQSmdo6639 Published in China
    Scam XSpot
    Unable to withdraw

    Do not top up! This is a scam

    FXOUWyen5639 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IMF
    Unable to withdraw

    Apply for withdrawal on March 4, 2021. The people in charge said the amount was big and asked me to withdraw in small amount. (like 2,000 or 3,000). I believed what she said and she canceled my application. But they still haven’t processed my application after I applied for withdrawal with small amount! The processing time showed is January 1, 1990!!! Open your eyes!!!

    FXJRNnai3744 Published in Japan
    Scam CLSA Premium
    The platform can not be opened for no reason. And my money is stuck here.

    The fraud cheats hundreds of thousands, please help me recover. So many people have been cheated.

    FXMULmil5100 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    Unable to withdraw

    Do not open an account here! I have to pay 40% tax to withdraw my funds because of this pandemic. Is it right?

    FXTAOtxv7854 Published in South Korea
    Unable to withdraw PLOTIO
    Unable to withdraw

    Can’t withdraw funds without the required trading volume. If I wanna withdraw funds, part of my principal will be deducted. There is no such kind of broker like this on with widened spread and withdrawal limitation. This broker sucks.

    FXDXAslx1309 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw West Capital
    Fraud broker, West Capital

    Unable to withdraw since August 2020. I wanna expose West Capital

    FXIHWifr3424 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw XSpot
    Can't withdraw

    The initial transactions went smoothly, Then i wanted to withdraw money on my account, Usually withdrawals are processed within 30 minutes to 1 hour, but this time two weeks passed and nothing was process, By the way, i tried to contact customer support to handle everything but to no avail as my withdrawal request was not to be processed until i pay an international remittance certification fee, so a complaint was made to financialrecovery.tech and their activities helped me through to a refund. All the parameters on X Spot Markets are fake. You will be cheated and more money will be lost. Please stay alert.

    FXCCKdsb0886 Published in Hong Kong
    Others Victory Falcon
    Victory Falcon is a fraud broker

    We asked for the info of Victory Falcon. 1. Their branch address in Japan. 2. Phone number The issue: There are slippages on February 22 and March 2. I realized that I was cheated and I wanna withdraw funds while I can’t. I’ve called the police and this case is still under investigation. Tks for your cooperation.

    FXDLPytc1273 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw ICFX
    When can I get my money back? I've waited for a long time!!!!

    When can I get my money back? I've waited for a long time!!!!

    FXCWGnfq0819 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw UAG
    Unable to withdraw

    I've waited for my withdrawal for a long time

    FXUMLiap8330 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Morgan Stanley
    Unable to wihdraw without paying taxes

    A fraud broker

    理理 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Tickmill
    The iwthdrawal is 30% less

    This platform has a lot of problems. I understand that third-party remittances are not supported. I use the revolut platform to conduct a 100 Euro remittance test. Remittance on February 25 Soon I received it saying that it does not support third-party remittance and needs to be returned The customer services shrank their responsibilities for half a month (there is another name that can’t be remembered:) I finally received the refund today, March 18th. During the period, the customer service told me that the remittance had been submitted, but there was no result. The information requested is to prove that the account belongs to me. What is interesting is how the third party remittance proves to be mine because the revolut remittance name is not mine, but the account is mine (not important, you can learn about revolut. I think this is quite Convenient app) Anyway, I went around in the end, whether I found the information they wanted or secretly came up with what they called the account information that proved to be mine but not my name, and finally gave me a refund. 30% less principal Finally, they claimed that they would not deduct any fees and still threw the pot to revolut. The reason was that they only received 70 Euros and not 100 Euros, so they only refunded 70 Euros. Such a strict refund process is unlikely if the amount is wrong, and revolut is a well-known free remittance platform and the screenshot of the remittance shows that there is no charge (and it is impossible to charge 30%). There is only one truth: tickmill is definitely not reliable. There are many internal problems. The spreads are low but not tossed about.

    FXIAThwj3510 Published in Spain
    Unable to withdraw DS investment Limited
    DS investment Limited, a fraud broker

    It has been two months but I am still unable to withdraw. Pay attention

    FXNFQbeo5213 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw XSpot
    Unable to withdraw

    People have been cheated constantly. I hope the relevant departments can regulate these brokers, avoiding scams.

    FXHIIaom3036 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw zhh global
    Fraud broker

    The fraud broker gives no access to withdrawal. Is there anybody who can help me retrieve my losses?

    FXYXXasa9633 Published in China
    Resolved USGFX
    The withdrawal hasn’t arrived

    I applied on November 23, 2020. They said I could get my money on March 15, 2021.

    FXCLUouk1044 Published in China
    Severe Slippage BT Global
    BT Global makes positions wiped out

    Manipulate in the background. Make me lose 370,000

    兴盛法务 Published in Japan
    What’s the secret behind the digital currency!!!

    The products of DBS digital currency: UAS、MWC、BTC、ETC、EOS. The way to help u invest: one on one. The digital currency platform is for u to trade different kinds of digital currency which can be used as the currency in real life under certain conditions. But our country hasn’t been included. So there platform are all registered overseas. But why are there so many people investing digital currency? The first reason is that there are high profits. And the second reason is the so-called professional teacher lives stream. But u can’t get your money back in the end.

    FXFIEulp2363 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw EC Markets
    111 scams investors

    EC MarketsEC Markets has delayed customers’ withdrawal for over two months, making me too worried. I hope to get my account and principal. Please follow up and I’ve called the police.

    FXGQVicm2614 Published in Japan
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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