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    Scam Sacreda Ring 1 Limited
    STAY AWAY scam!!’

    They will lure you through tinder or WhatsApp and tell you to put at least 1000$ minimum of deposit. their charts are 10 pips over the market and on top of it they manipulate it to get you losses depending on what you position. on top of it they have so called "analysts" who will tell you when to buy or sell so they can easily manipulate you into losing!!! also cannot withdraw money!!!

    FXVHWfko8741 Published in Belgium
    Scam MANNING
    All are scams, I need to disclose them, and I hope to see a righteous result and authority's reinforced regulation

    They cheat people for money with various tricks. I harmed myself seriously, which is quite terrible. I hope you to pay attention to this.

    FXVIEwxp8402 Published in China
    Resolved FXGROW
    Refuse to withdraw with various reasons, I double checked the bank card information before submitting

    The platform refuse to withdraw with various reasons. I hope relevant authorities can help us to regulate this platform.

    FXSXOxmc7307 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw EQUITY WORLD
    Can't withdraw

    Money still inside MT4 but can't withdraw, WhatsApp CS also didn't reply, how[3f]

    FXGGFcfk2437 Published in Malaysia
    Scam TMGM
    pennywise wealth management investment

    l deposited $123 on pennywise wealth management. On August 18th they said we should pay sum of $50 for Account maintenance that they'll back by 29th of August but i was wondering why are they not yet back till now.

    FXPUNnot6385 Published in Nigeria
    Scam IZI Trades
    Fraud - Investor scam

    - Spread editing platform on MT5, Spread 200 - 300 times compared to Standard exchanges - Consultant: Investor fraud to investors to deposit money into the Exchange - to use Spread extension, Swap Forcing investors to match Extremely high price order. - Do not allow order cut when Order Duong. Forcing Investors to LOSS - Liquidity is very difficult (Easy deposit - Very difficult withdrawal). Delay does not allow withdrawals- This is a very nonsense floor.

    FXLVSrrp4747 Published in Vietnam
    Scam Binomo
    Fraud Ruzhan

    Frauds are resorting to every conceivable manners to cheat investors. My friends, please report to your local police immediately if you are cheated. Keep the chat record, transaction record and bank statement and don't ever deposit. Frauds are inhuman and unprincipled. Keep in mind that frauds are frauds, they will never change!

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IQ Option
    Cheat. Cannot withdraw money.

    Cheat. Cannot withdraw money

    FXBHYgxy0438 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved One Financial Markets
    How to withdraw money?

    How to withdraw money, please tell me the method.

    FXAQFsoj0306 Published in Thailand
    Scam TR
    Withdrawal delay

    I canceled the custodian on Aug. 3rd, and I have placed four orders in August, one was profitable. I also had three transactions in September and one was profitable. Now it's been two months but I still can't withdraw my money. The situation here is the low profit ratio and fewer transactions, and here goes the public holiday the first week of October. I just want to figure out whether Chinese holiday will affect the forex market? This is obvious delay of my transaction, especially for we investors trying to withdraw the money. It's really hard to take profit. My friend even didn't take a single profit in September after he canceled the custodian. Guys please withdraw your money ASAP, TR is a big scam!

    FXHCDupa2800 Published in China
    Scam MC
    The temptation

    They use erroneous signal to cheat investors into deposit, and change the deposit person and account frequently.

    FXHPHtve2957 Published in China
    Resolved FOREXTER
    It's a practice in yourself, but don't think you can withdraw profits because you can't withdraw.

    Not only a bonus account can be withdrawn, but a waste of time.

    FXAENokb0208 Published in Thailand
    Scam GH Prime
    Scam! Cannot withdraw the money

    Don't get fooled guys. The company does not exist in Hong Kong at all. The analyst, the assistant, everything is just fake. They entice investors into depositing, and then coax them to entrust the account to analysts. When the contract is about to expire, I was asked to pay the commision, and then the margin from IRD. After I transfered the money, they gave me snow jobs to stop me from withdrawing the money. It's been really long since I requested withdrawal. Even the service number is a privete one. Please don't get cheated. If you really want to step into it, ask the compay for some evidence. Again, evrything is just fake...

    cvd2020 Published in Myanmar
    Unable to withdraw Tix
    Tix (or tixv) is a scam. I cannot withdraw money. A learning group teacher pretending to be a celebrity is a fake.

    A broker called Tix (or tixv) is a scam. I can't withdraw money (proven) In mid-September, we launched a learning open chat on line, attracting Japanese people with tremendous momentum. Official site https://www.tixv.com/En Learning Group Open Chat https://line.me/ti/g2/VM5eO9tGYkAIlx1LYos4Bg?utm_source=invitation&utm_medium=link_copy&utm_campaign=default Douglas Borthwick, a well-known investment group in the learning group A person who calls himself Mr. is a lecturer, but he is a fake. When I told the real Borthwick about this on the business app linked in, they were identified as fake. I was invited by a Chinese woman I met on tinder. tinder is now contaminated by investment fraud groups. Please be careful. Attach the image of the learning chat group.

    FXCXPgcj1047 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw QNiu
    Unable to withdraw

    At first they said there was no margin but later I have to pay 30,000 to withdraw. I won’t deposit. I don’t care about the deposit now, but my bank account was bond to that page so I wanna my bank account could be protected.

    FXRRHixc7091 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Binomo

    scam is not legit they refuse to pay my money back

    FXLSCqhh4450 Published in Nigeria
    Severe Slippage JINRONG
    There is a severe slippage in JINRONG! The customer service answered like a robot! Bad attitude.

    Severe slippage! No solution! Just pass the buck.

    FXKVRwlb4112 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw RUIDA FUTURES
    Unable to withdraw

    Induce me to deposit but I can’t withdraw. AT first, they said I has the suspicion of money laundering. Then I was told that my amount of trading wasn’t enough. Now they are impatient.

    FXVQAfvp8746 Published in China
    Scam CG TRADE
    Capital tray

    Fraud app, induce people to deposit and invest futures. There is no stop loss or stop limit. You’ll lose all the money because of black-box operation! I called the police, you’ll be brought to justice.

    FXMEHjsp4910 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Bedbrook
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw. The customer service is out of contact.

    生活 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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