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    Scam Tridixoptions
    Scammed $34500 by Tridixoption

    I have lost $34500 with Tridixoption. They are total scammers . Couldn’t even withdraw a single coin . They blocked me just after depositing my $34500 into the Tridixoption account

    FXLTIlds4627 Published in Zambia
    Unable to withdraw ThinkMarkets
    Induce to deposit. Can’t withdraw after paying margin, credit fund and turnover. I just wanna take my principal back

    Induce to deposit. Can’t withdraw after paying margin, credit fund and turnover. I just wanna take my principal back

    FXYNGxgm9617 Published in China
    Scam CF
    Without conscience

    Freeze your account or reduce the credit score. What a rip-off!

    FXONAnrr5607 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Skilling
    A clone platform

    Add friend: I rent out a room on 58, she leaves a message to let me add her WeChat. 2. Share her profits on Momonts. ( There is a programmer leading you to operate. No risk. The income is up to 5-8 times. Commission is 20%of the income.) 3. Suspection: I obeserved her Moments for a moth, everything is normal. 4. Communication: Answer mu questions ( If I won't profit, they can't get the commissions. There is no need to post everyday if they get no commission.) 5. Download app: Download the app by scanning the QR code she offered. I should use the recommendation code she gives after installation. The personal information is needed when I register, including name, ID card number. 6 Deposit: Ask the customer service and they will offer you the account and some information you need. Give the screenshot to the customer service after transfer. 7. add the programmer. 8. The programmer introduces considerations: If there is a operation mistake, you should deposit to make up for it. 9. Communication for operation time: next day. 10. Operation/Withdrawal: Operate ato the programmer. I withdraw without permission so they said my bank card number is wrong. 11. Insufficient turnover. What should I do?

    FXPDIpos6358 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw SGL
    SGL is a fraud platform

    It feels like a formal platform while later, you'll see its true colors. You can't withdraw. Never invest here.

    FXVILtcl8712 Published in Taiwan

    Cheat me into depositing and I know nothing about it.

    FXJTFqtw3766 Published in China
    Scam MexGroup
    multi bank group ir mex is world's no 1 scam broker

    Please share out to tell your friend worldwide. The truth is Mex/multi bank group is world's no 1 scam broker Multi bank group/mex is world's no 1 scam broker All your profit will be deducted during you wanna do a withdraw. This is a real market marker, fake and scam broker. Please be away from this scammer. https://www.facebook.com/106390937935047/posts/106401674600640/

    FXJUCsfp3741 Published in Malaysia
    Severe Slippage FXSuit
    There is spread of 4,000

    This is teh fig. You can't see the spread from the fig. It's a scam.

    FXJADufw3613 Published in Japan
    Resolved West Capital
    Unable to withdraw

    Can't withdraw for several months. Now they launch a super app. I have to deposit $100 to activate my account! Within two weeks! Keep cheating us of money!

    FXRXYtfc7192 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw HUGO

    I can’t withdraw from my account

    FXONHnwh5819 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw UOSHENG
    The withdrawal hasn't been to my account for a month

    I applied for witdhrawal on September 28, 2020. But I haven't received the withdrawal yet. The date which is showed on the website is June 30. The customer service is out of contact.

    FXPVVbvi6248 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw GHC
    refused to pay out profits

    profit payout pending more than a month. customer service keeps saying they will update but they do not really mean it

    FXIPQopb3431 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw CF
    Freeze funds maliciously. Remind me of teh wrong bank card number

    Please be vigilant and stay away from this fraud platform. There are so many formal platforms doing nothing about it,

    FXRHXehj6898 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MILIGO
    MILIGO is a fraud platform. Can't withdraw

    MILIGO is a fraud platform. Can't withdraw

    FXVMYurs8639 Published in Canada
    Scam IQ Option LTD

    she said she is going to trade for me, i sent her R1500 to her what she called management wallet, thereafter, she said it's going to take 24 hours to get my profit, her name is Shannon and she didn't help me on withdrawing, thereafter she said my time for withdrawal is over i have to purchase the coins of R500.. that's when she disappeared.

    FXEHUgeq1922 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw InstaForex
    Fraud platform

    They gave me a bonus of $1,000 but I can't witdhraw or deposit.

    FXSUVbvu7199 Published in Colombia
    Others Binary.com
    boontarikasuwanmanee2499@gmail.com 0634201981

    This is a fraud. 2019/2020/2018 Id3960500290071.wapmoney101060280.sha256.Boontarika suwanmaneeId3960500290071.binnaince 2019-2018-2020- coppytrad balance

    faro285 Published in Thailand
    Others XTB
    The app of XTB has some problems

    The app became unresponsive three times. Picture is the truth.

    FXCSAvit1147 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved XTB
    Can't withdraw

    Kep delaying my witdhraw no matter large or small amount. Who can help me?

    FXIHGkbf3213 Published in China
    Others ILLUZION
    Can't log in to the backstage supporter

    You can log in if you don't witdhraw. But once you withdraw, you can not log in anymore.

    FXHXLccb3058 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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