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    FXEJWqee1981 Trader
    Released in China

    Scam DLS GROUP !

    Exposure platform: DLS GROUP Product: Forex Method: through group and one-to-one instruction In this September, I was pulled into a stock exchange group. Having observed for some while, I found that the teacher was professional and the stocks recommend were all profitable. Then, saying that the stock market was volatile, he advised us to trade forex products in DLS GROUP . He sent the assistant contact in the group. Out of curiosity, I added the assistant. What has shocked me was that, on the next day, many member showed their profits screenshots. With the teacher’s lobbying, I invested several tens thousand of RMB. At first, I profited 10 thousand RMB, which made me overexcited. After adding 300000 RMB to profit more, I made all losses within one week! When I inquired the teacher, he comforted me and asked me to add fund. After I refused, he didn’t reply to me anymore. I realized that I had been cheated!

    The following is the original
    曝光平台:大森国际  操作品种:外汇   带单方式:股票群,一对一   今年九月,我被一个陌生网友拉到了一个股票交流群,我观察了一段时间,发现老师讲解的挺专业的,我跟着买了几支,没想到都赚了!过了一段时间,有天老师说股票现在不好做了,让大家先停下来  群里人就开始不愿意了说自己没有项目做,让老师带他们继续做,老师说自己在大森国际外汇操作外汇产品,还说收益非常高,群里人纷纷要跟着一起做,老师顺势就推出一个助理的名片,让大家找助理开设账户,我因为看着好奇也开设了一个!  到了第二天,群里就开始操作大森国际外汇这个平台,不到半天,群里纷纷扬扬都是赚钱的截图,这下对我的冲击太大了,我也不知道为什么这么赚钱,但是在老师的鼓吹,群里的诱导下,我也陷入了其中,刚开始只投资了几万,没想到老师真的带我三天就赚了一万,这让我欣喜不已。  到了九月底,有天老师私聊我说马上会有一次行情,让我做好准备加资金,我鉴于前面老师都带我赚了,心想也没啥问题,于是我将账户加到了30万准备大干一场,可谁知道,就在我加上资金后的一周,在老师的带领下我亏的分文不剩!亏损后的我找到老师询问,希望能有个解决办法,没想到老师直接说是我的资金不够导致的亏损还让我继续加金,被我拒绝后就不理我了。  这时候我觉得自己可能是被騙了!
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