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    Released in China

    Forced liquidation overnight! The scam amount is up to more than 2 billion!

    The gang of Hou Huazhen, Meng Xianghong, Li Zhen from Tianjing and Tao Ran from BJ made this project on last October 1st. They claimed that they had acquired the old American broker, YORK FINANCE, www.yorkal.com, and recruited 50,000 US stock members and 100,000 Japanese stock members in the country to conduct CFD transactions, to make it listed on NASDAQ. It invited clients spans across the globe to join with deposit fee $3000. As of February 25th, over 50 thousand victims have joined. Actually, over 150 million dollars was scammed, among which 0.3 billion dollars was on Japanese share. It has hoarded at least 2 billion dollars on this 2 projects, with victims up to 100 thousand. The company has given no access to withdrawal since March 9th. On the night of 15th, it suddenly opened American share, claiming that a portion have withdrawn from Japanese share. Batches of members crashed to register by depositing $3000. Since 16th, we could only deposit fund not withdraw due to unstable system. The gang of fraudster continued to inveigle us to but American share and Japanese share! On 17th, boasting the promising future and the multi-benefit on CFD contract, the company induced us to open accounts on MT5. But at 1:00 in the early morning, all clients’ accounts became forced liquidation gradually. The company didn’t take any preparation! On 18th, Hou apologized through video, blaming it on unstable CRM system and committing to recover losses for us! But there are frequent forced liquidation and losses since then. In addition, nobody could withdraw fund successfully, even $90 or so would be withheld! Actually, the amounts on MT5 are fake! The gang of Li Zhen and Tao Ran has ripped nearly 4000 victims off, with scamming amount reaching to 10000 thousand dollars(70000 RMB) in total.

    The following is the original
    项目从2019年10月1日开放注册入金,创始人侯华政,孟祥洪,还有一些行骗多年的团队大咖们,比如天津的李桢,北京的陶然!侯华政和一批骗子号称侯华政收购了美国的老牌券商佑客金融,york finance,网址:www.yorkal.com,在国内招募5万美股会员和10万日股会员,进行差价合约交易,要把他持股的美国佑客金融做到纳斯达克上市。美股从2019年10月1日开始在全国范围内大肆推广,拉人注册入金,入金费3000美金,到了2020年2月25日号称满员5万人,其实实际比这个更多的人加入了,涉案金额超过1.5亿美金,十多亿人民币。日股从2020年3月1日开放注册入金,每人5000美金,合3万5千多人民币,共招募了大约一万多人。涉案3亿多人民币。两个项目共涉案大约20亿或者更多。受害民众接近十万人。公司在3月9日开始总说后台不稳定,3.12号后不给提现,3.13开始不给动态客户和代理人分润,3.15开始不给代理商分佣,并且突然3.15晚间对全部会员开放了美股抢单,号称是有部分人撤资做日股了,所以怕不够作上市数据,所以临时开放。大批会员开始抢注美股并疯狂入金3000美金。3.16周一,在平台数据不稳定总是出错的情况下,继续不能出金,却只能入金,依然不分润不分佣的情况下,团队领导人鼓噪大家去抢美股和日股名额!3.17周二,晚间团队领导人在自己的大群里公布侯华政的视频,说公司愿景多么的好,并且要开放美股日股同时交易不同的差价合约。也就是美股账户也可以交易日股,日股也可以交易美股,给所有会员创造更多的收益。当晚美股日股账户mt5账户显示同时开始操作交易,但是于夜里1点左右全部爆仓!连续爆仓!公司没有任何阻止行为!3.18周三,项目策划人侯华政发出视频,道歉说由于是技术股东对公司威胁并且做手脚,造成crm系统不稳定所致,所以全体爆仓!并承诺要筹措资金给客户们打回本金亏损!但是美股满员前每天都是盈利稳定的,爆仓后每天的交易开始呈现和爆仓前完全不同的状态,每天依然有爆仓和亏损,理由是股市不稳定。但是稳定的日本股市,依然也没有按她们许诺的那样扩大交易笔数和利润!至今无一人可以成功提现!爆仓后个别账户有剩余几十或者90多美金的都不许客户提走!但是提现设置是公司自己设置的!截止到3月27日,所有会员的账户显示数字有一两百美金金额,在操作美股和日股,但是mt5其实全部为虚拟数字!虚假交易!!爆仓当天突然网站都登陆不上去了!等出了公告后又突然可以上去了!李桢和陶然十多年一直合作很多资金盘,一次次坑人无数,自己赚的盆满钵满,并且逍遥法外,这次国融进入的美股日股项目团队一共接近4000人!涉案1000多万美金,人民币7000多万!
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