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    FXQLDefd6589 Agent
    Released in China

    Induce you to be an agent but you can’t withdraw

    They cooperated with me because I opened a Taobao store. They popularized my store and I should be their agent. But I was induced to deposit and I can’t withdraw. Then I was asked to add money to unfreeze my account. I was threatened at the first time I failed to withdraw. They said it was illegal to extract preferential points. But when I asked the customer service how to withdraw, they didn’t tell me I couldn’t extract the preferential points. As a result, my account was froze. I was asked to pay three times of my frozen capital, but they said my bank card number was wrong and I have to pay double frozen capital. I did too. However, the account became high-risk account, and my money was frozen again. The nest day, their website was disabled. I asked them where my money went if I can’t withdraw, they said it would be given to charities. That was awfully cheeky. Why I can’t get my money if my money will be given to the charities. I’m only less than 20 years old now, the money was lent, I rack up lots of financial debt now.

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    Unable to withdraw



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