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    Others Exness
    Unable to withdraw and deposit funds

    Server error when I was going to withdraw funds. I asked IB for help but they can't solve my problem

    FXTSQeao7714 Published in Taiwan
    Others DUPFX
    i can't access my Account, and withdraw my money

    i have been scammed, and can't withdraw my money

    FXRRCgli7012 Published in United Arab Emirates
    Others Globex360
    manipulate trades

    friday when market closed I market when done but did not get any profits, Monday when market open then my account is blown

    FXMUWcwe5089 Published in South Africa
    Others KKR
    Do not be cheated by KKR

    Fraud platform. The customer service tells lie after lie. Sometimes say they are regulated by FSC. Sometimes they say they are regulated by CBRC. But the giveaway is showed on the Wiki Global

    FXBBNawn0679 Published in China
    Others 365binary
    365binary is a scam.

    FCA of UK has warned people against investing in this unregulated company, which has already victimised many people with their cunning techniques.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others UBanker
    UBanker is a scam.

    Even though UBanker is a regulated broker, a popular website recently called this broker a scam and discouraged investers to invest in this company, as there is no guarantee that they will ever get their money back.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others Plus500
    The network here lags. Unable to close. Open positions automatically.

    I've reported the situation many times. No one handles it

    FXCLHpdy0953 Published in Taiwan
    Others Prestige

    Fraud broker. Lose all the money. 1.7 million in total. Background manipulation. Is there anyone like me?

    FXJGXwyc3760 Published in China
    SFC's "List of Unlicensed Companies and Suspicious Websites" lists companies that have not obtained a license in Hong Kong and have attracted the attention of the SFC. These companies are suspected of targeting Hong Kong investors or claiming to have connections with Hong Kong.

    SFC's "List of Unlicensed Companies and Suspicious Websites" lists companies that have not obtained a license in Hong Kong and have attracted the attention of the SFC. These companies are suspected of targeting Hong Kong investors or claiming to have connections with Hong Kong.

    伟迦科技 Published in China
    Others BAQuote
    100% Scam

    This is a complicated scam. I've been warned before, but I still lost money because of my greedy

    FXXGAsip9329 Published in Germany
    Others XINHUIBAO
    Unable to modify the TP and SL, often lag, control the transaction

    and occasionally and cannot close the position

    FXQRNrqm6664 Published in China
    Others BNC
    Close the web and abscond

    Raise funds illegally by 13% of the rate per mensel。 The principal criminals are surnamed Fan and Du

    FXNIAysx5486 Published in China
    Others MC
    Unable to login

    Fake platform. Unable to login

    FXNFMjby5366 Published in China
    Resolved WTi
    The customer service center can not be opened.

    This situation has lasted for two months

    FXTGRpbo7781 Published in Austria
    Others BNC
    Use upgrade as an excuse to shut down the network and run away

    The capital plate ran away with the excuse of upgrading.

    FXNIAysx5486 Published in China
    Others ATOM
    Deposit no into account

    I have made a deposit of 100 USD to 177157 account on 21:28:42 on 3/5/2021 but up to now I have not received money into my account !!! I look forward to handling it.

    FXWWGbbp9033 Published in Vietnam
    Others eXcentral
    Rediculous Way of trade setup overtrading: This broker makes you place trades that are way too high volumes per trade and lure you to deposit more.

    My recent experienced to this broker is devastating. Placement of orders of trade setup is way too risky and rediculous. Your account manager entice you place trades according to his analysis that your account will be impossible to handle and blow it in the end. Then you will realize that you have been fooled. It was your money that they are after. They make your account grow little by little and also make you deposit more and grow it a little bit again. Then will make their final blow. Boom bye

    FXBMTvhn0670 Published in Philippines
    Others ATOM
    Deposit account

    I deposited into the atom's account ($ 100 to be exact) on May 3, 2021 at 21:28:42 and performed all the actions, but as of May 4, I still haven't. get money into the account. I really need help!

    FXWWGbbp9033 Published in Vietnam
    Others JINRONG
    Going to run away

    Now it starts to appear that the account cannot be recharged, and then consult the customer service, the customer service becomes a robot, and the account has not been accounted for. You are going to run away, everyone must be careful. Don't be fooled

    FXDMWtla1481 Published in China
    Others Largus Brokers
    Largus Brokers. Couldn't access the website after funding account...

    Couldn't log into the account after funding. No access to the website....

    FXLRVfpo4567 Published in South Africa
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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