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    Unable to withdraw KKR
    Stay away from the fraud broker

    Limit the withdrawal. Trick customer.

    FXPSCdim6228 Published in China
    Scam FXDD
    Give me an explanation

    I've deposited over 20,000 in FXDD and traded some times. But I can't open it on the morning of May 2. Unable to withdraw

    FXMSEsbj4831 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ASA SECURITIES
    Unable to withdraw

    Pay attention, guys. Do not be cheated by this broker. They cheat people via dating websites. Send fake WeChat QR code to scam people

    此生过百 Published in China
    Others 365binary
    365binary is a scam.

    FCA of UK has warned people against investing in this unregulated company, which has already victimised many people with their cunning techniques.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others UBanker
    UBanker is a scam.

    Even though UBanker is a regulated broker, a popular website recently called this broker a scam and discouraged investers to invest in this company, as there is no guarantee that they will ever get their money back.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Richness Empire
    Can't withdraw

    I apply for withdrawal on April 30. And now I was asked to pay 30% to the tax bureau

    FXPENhof6124 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw ASA SECURITIES
    Unable to withdraw

    Use WeChat platform to attract investments, use the learning power to induce fraud. After the platform is registered, consult customer service to transfer money to your private account. The first 1,000 yuan will allow you to withdraw money smoothly, and you will be able to take screenshots, Alipay, Huabei, and credit. Give it to him, and he will know all kinds of information about you. The second time he sees the quota and set the file for you, this person has already mixed up on major dating sites, everyone pay attention

    此生过百 Published in China
    Scam hiifx

    Strangers add your friends through QQ, WeChat, etc., in the name of checking rankings, checking reputation, etc., make money by completing small tasks such as shopping, following, and liking. Please don't believe it! The trick of the liar is to defraud you of your later "big investment" with the initial "little sweetness", and the final result is the loss of people and money.

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Scam UKG

    This is a scam. Please follow up! I'm upset

    FXBCGuex0570 Published in Indonesia
    Others Plus500
    The network here lags. Unable to close. Open positions automatically.

    I've reported the situation many times. No one handles it

    FXCLHpdy0953 Published in Taiwan
    Scam QTeck
    QTeck is a scam.

    Many people have fallen victims to this scam broker's cunning techniques in extracting money from them.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw GUOTAI
    Withdrawal issue of GUOTAI

    Unable to login to trading platform and official website

    FXKHXinu4321 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw OANDA

    The money hasn't arrived

    FXLXEpml4590 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw UKG
    Unable to withdraw

    Maybe I am countless victims, I hope your old age will not be as difficult as others. If you can feel our pain, I only hope to pay off my debt immediately, which is an initial deposit of IDR 3 million (US$197.8). ), after getting a profit of $715.68, you must pay a tax of $210 at the time of withdrawal, otherwise you will have to pay tax, and my credit bill will be due the day after tomorrow. I am classified as a low-income economy but try my Luck

    FXBCGuex0570 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw

    Don't know their real names. Pay attention. This is a clone firm.

    此生过百 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MWNG
    Unable to withdraw

    This is a scam. Do not be cheated.

    FXCSEjdu1198 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw BINANCE JEX

    can not withdraw.can not contact the supports

    FXVYTakr8742 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw ASA SECURITIES
    Unable to withdraw in ASA SECURITIES

    A Hangzhou native named Lu Jia who I met through the dating platform to make friends said that she would bring me benefits. Registering the platform, by requesting a deposit account from the customer service, transfer the money to the personal account provided by the customer service and recharge to the platform. After the deposit transaction, I did not withdraw funds. I realized that I was cheated and I needed to deposit the funds again. I have no money anymore. ,The money was borrowed by the ants, and now it’s not repayable, and I have a desire to die. Ask for help

    此生过百 Published in China
    Others Prestige

    Fraud broker. Lose all the money. 1.7 million in total. Background manipulation. Is there anyone like me?

    FXJGXwyc3760 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw ROCKFORT
    Unable to withdraw

    I applied for withdrawal in February. But my application han't been approved. Even the email hasn't been responded

    FXCODpqn1015 Published in Malaysia
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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