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    Unable to withdraw Wirexinvest
    Unable to withdraw

    I opened an account a few weeks ago and at the time of withdrawing they do not give the opportunity to do so. I think it is a scammers site.

    FXKXAjtt4076 Published in United States
    Scam Yggdrasill Fintech
    The platform has been closed and the company has run away

    It is not possible to withdraw funds from March 16th. The customer service finds all kinds of excuses to delay the withdrawal. At the beginning of April, the top leader of the domestic team "Ma Keke" has been delaying the withdrawal too, saying unable to contact the company's superiors, and he has verbally promised investors not to call the police. If you deposit and invest in this platform, only by calling the police can you recover some losses.

    FXYDDskp9852 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw BTCUSDT
    Denied Withdrawal

    I can't withdraw my money from BTCUSDT, i made a deposit of $9,500 before I found out that I couldn't withdraw, first they told me that I must recharge $1,100 as tax or they will sue me, then when I put $1,100 on mt5 they said that I should pay $500 fee to withdraw money from the account. Totally I spent over $11,000 and I can't withdraw my money yet. Other victims say Assetspoor. Tech bailed them out, I have come to expose the tricks used by BTCUSDT to swindle money from unsuspecting members of the public. Deal with caution

    FXOBVunw5878 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw golday9999
    Unable to withdraw

    I got scammed by Golday9999 site, I recharged an initial $5,200 which yielded profits of about $11,000 over the months. The person that introduced me to the site did not elaborate well. Now I cannot withdraw my funds from the system. Golday9999 required me to deposit $5,000 to withdraw my funds. Other exposures shows Assetspoor. Tech had a solution. Lets keep exposing Golday9999 for awareness. I personally will proceed with the above solution.

    FXVSKicc8640 Published in Canada
    Resolved Zenfinex
    Did Zenfinex abscond?

    I haven't received an email from Zenfinex for a month or two. In the last few days, it took a long time to log in to the background. The account opened on the 3rd has not been down, and no email has been returned to inform. The promotion link cannot be opened, the webpage does not exist, and the trading account cannot be opened? ? ? After making a 100% bonus, did the money go away? ? ? If you know what the situation is, please let me know.

    泄露电话告你侵犯隐S Published in China
    Scam OBEX
    Romance Scam of OBEX

    This guy sent messages to me via Weibo and then added my WeChat. A professional fraud. Induce u to invest step by step. But in the end, he disappeared. Do not trust any forex broker.

    FXNMQqqi5510 Published in China
    Others AvaTrade
    There are some problems with the server of AvaTrade. A50 index has been suspended for ten hours. Unable to close positions and open positions.

    There are some problems with the server of AvaTrade. A50 index has been suspended for ten hours. Unable to close positions and open positions.

    FXGPBhkf2725 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw OANDA
    The domestic accounts are all locked after OANDA withdrew from Chinese market. Unable to transfer the account balance

    After OANDA did not do business in China, the domestic account was locked and the account balance could not be transferred out I started to contact in March. After more than a month, the customer service had to provide bank account information and also provided it. After waiting for two weeks, I still didn't transfer it. They simply won't reply to emails later. Then you can report to their supervision.

    FXIMHkcc3293 Published in China
    Resolved Experia Markets
    Do not receive the withdrawal!

    I've deposited $300 and I gained profits immediately. But then I reazed that they cheated many people after the investigation. So I tried withdraw funds and asked for my refund via emails(experiamarkets2021@gmail.com,support@experiamarkets.com). But I haven't received my money till yet!

    FXCFFrmq0878 Published in Mexico
    Scam FXDD
    Induced Fraud

    FXDD is a fraud broker. At first, they said I should be upgraded to Gold VIP. While I can't withdraw funds after fulfilling the upgrade without three times of the turnover. But no one told me about these requirements before!

    FXSDOihb7353 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw EB
    Unable to withdraw!!

    It has been three to four months! Still pending. Recently, they told me that there are some problems with the server cuz of the earthquake!!

    FXWBQwik8906 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw golday9999
    Unable to Withdraw my money

    I invested money. Now I can't get it out. I have 38,000 USDT in my account When I gained and tried to withdraw 9,000 they told me that my account is frozen due to "malicious acts" The only way to unfreeze it is to replenish another 20% of my current balance which is horrendous and obviously a scammer move.Deal carefully with golday9999

    FXOBVunw5878 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw MWNG
    Unable to withdraw money

    Unable to withdraw money, scam brokerI deposited $11478here and after a while, I wanted to withdraw some of the money but they said my account was suspected of money laundering and requested to deposit an additional $11478for verification. If I do not make this deposit, my account will be frozen and I lose all original funds. Why is it so absurd? They said, I made too few transactions, but actually, I entered a lot of small deals everyday. My withdrawal was pending for 8 days and then the result is an unreasonable rejection.

    FXMUTwun5077 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw STO
    Unable to withdraw

    account frozen after trying to withdraw without any reason or course, no help has been given by the broker, broker suspicious

    FXFRTytw2369 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw Binary.com
    Unable to provide funds

    I have been scammed by two Men Thato Thames and MichaeI Novogratz and they said I must pay 3000 in order to get 33000 and now they said I must pay 8000 for withdrawal nothing has happened till now Please help me to get this Scammers

    FXPRPwjk6120 Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw TGX MARKETS
    All the customers in Indonesia are unable to withdraw funds

    Please pay attention!!!

    FXRNLuev6916 Published in Indonesia
    Others LunoTrade
    I was Scammed by this person claiming to be working for Luno

    I diposited 3000 and even to date she now where to be found

    FXRFIuwf6997 Published in South Africa
    Scam HotForex
    Induced Fraud

    A person named Minmin in WeChat often posted pictures of operating profit in her Moments. At first, I didn't take it seriously. Later, when I saw her posting daily, I felt curious. What did she say about foreign exchange digital trading? , We programmers can make you 100% money, and they said that after I make a profit, I will charge a 10% commission. I was a little moved by what she said, and she sent me a QR code for the software for me to download I went in, I started to invest 40,000 in, and after I paid the money, I said that the 40,000 data was not good for an appointment. The more funds, the better the appointment. Later, the only 10,000 in the card was also sent to the card number given to me by the platform customer service. In the process of operation, the programmer said that I was wrong with a set of data and need to add 80,000 to the operation. I wondered if I was deceived, so I raised my vigilance and did not add any more money.

    FXLLLngv4409 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw STO
    My account has been frozen!!! What should I do???

    After the operation of 4/2, I kept applying for withdrawal after I did not withdraw my account the next day, and the amount is still frozen. What should I do?

    FXPXJkrc6111 Published in China
    Scam Tate Prime
    Forex Scam

    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously and gave no access to withdrawal! It has no record or qualification. Regulation number: 0527005 Australian License: 611849248. Even the qualification number is wrong! TATE.prime is a new website withich these fraud open. They changed their company name and website every couple months. In addition, the websites of JITAK and JC, namely, https://www.jitakcl.com/ and https://jcmtfe.com/, are the same. Don’t be cheated. If you have the information of the fraud(profile, image, contact, etc.), send them to my email xueyu998@yahoo.com. I will file it to the court. The website, http://jitakscam.com/, is also established by a victim to expose this fraud! Now, they have the fourth company name and web. I don’t know their new name! But be careful! Don’t invest without thinking twice! You should know it well enough!!!! You should consult via video calls and keep the chat history! If you have any other ways to expose this fraud, please expose the fraud with photos on the net to let more people know it, free from being cheated!

    FXLBKlbj4493 Published in Canada
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