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    Unable to withdraw Sky-Markets
    Unable to withdraw. Scam.

    They promised that I could withdraw funds at random. But then they said I had to deposit to support the bailout plan.

    FXLASuuc4634 Published in Portugal
    Others Regal

    Unable to withdraw

    FXBJItuu0784 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw MIEX
    unable to withdraw

    They display false trading patterns so they can manipulate the result it in the background. They forcefully close positions with no reason. Many investors like myself couldn’t withdraw funds, even some of the investors' accounts have been closed now. Be watchful

    FXHWPjvo3117 Published in China
    Scam RallyTrade

    I have lost 1.3 million naira trading with rally trade, system is so poor and not secured

    FXFOQdeh2042 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw MIEX
    they restricted my access and wouldn't let me withdraw

    I was conned into investing with an assurance of conservative methods and evidence of past successes. The projected profit was huge after talking with them, they assigned a supposed teacher to help me grow my investment but he was really there to make sure i lose it because after a few months i decided to take a part of my profit but they weren't having it, they restricted my access to the account and wouldn't let me withdraw.

    FXHWPjvo3117 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw GRAM Markets
    unable to wildraw

    when it's time to wildraw dey put you on pending and even block your account

    FXMUGugl5034 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw IG
    not paying

    not paying when it's time to withdraw

    FXMUGugl5034 Published in Nigeria
    Scam NordFX
    Induced Fraud

    I lost $30,000 within the two days. I don’t recommend this broker to you guys

    FXLNUcrd4711 Published in Malaysia
    Others Narsq
    ‏I warn people that this woman is a scammer, who works for Narsaq.

    I warn people that this woman is a scammer, who works for Narsaq. He tricks you into investing in this company. And even he's deposit money. But all this is a plan to take your money there and empty it at the right time

    Utrecht traders Published in Netherlands
    TGX MARKETS, fraud broker

    TGX MARKETS told me that I could get my witdhrawal at the end of March. But now I am unable to login. There are some more victims like me

    FXRNLuev6916 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw BMI MARKETS
    Scam! Unable to withdraw!

    No response from them

    FXODQhgw5764 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw WB
    Unable to withdraw

    I wanna withdraw funds last night but I haven’t received the money yet. Am I cheated?

    FXUGDnmh8100 Published in China
    Scam WSFIS
    Scam. Unable to withdraw

    Please open your eyes.

    FXHYLjbe2805 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw VisionQuest
    VisionQuest is a fraud

    Unable to withdraw after profiting,

    FXULHiep8095 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Blackrock
    The American female fraud recommended Ryder, unable to withdraw

    She lives near Chinatown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, claiming that the Ryder is supported 10 million USDT by a British company and the BRCK/USDT will be launched in May.

    FXKDPdnp4141 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw Huangding International
    cant do withdraw

    Im start with 1600$ and start winning with him. after 2 days win 200$ and can withdraw. After make more deposit 5000$ and start play more and more. make 10000 wanna withdraw and thay ask to pay more money like a tax to make withdraw and i know if i pay i cant do withdraw, just loose money!!!!

    FXGUTxky2445 Published in Thailand
    Resolved MIEX
    I invested over 500,000 yuan in MIEX!

    Margin and taxes are required when I wanna withdraw funds. Now the customer service can not be reached. Don’t know what to do

    FXNYVkat5360 Published in Spain
    Unable to withdraw CF GLOBAL

    CF Global is a Multinational scam company and no matter how you pay all the fees requested by them, you will never be allowed to withdraw your funds. I have paid for all taxes as requested by the customer care and till now i have not been able to withdraw a penny. Review of someone here who recovered his losses via financialrecovery .tech company gives me hope that i can recover my funds back. i urge everyone to submit their complaints too

    FXKUEfha4116 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Axiory
    Axiory hold my withdrawal.

    I cannot withdraw money in axiory broker. He mentioned that my address expired. I do not understand.

    FXKCKodc4141 Published in Thailand
    Scam FXTM
    A clone one.

    It looks like a real one. I almost trust it. The same trap. Let your profit and withdraw funds in the beginning and make you add more.

    FXEIEaae1972 Published in Denmark
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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