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    FXRBWrby7006 Trader
    Released in China

    Problem with GCM

    1.I deposited $1000 and another 7468 into private accounts. But there was only $7.05 left in the Huobi net in wake of high exchange rate.
    2.Since I was a novia, a so-called analyst told me to buy XAU/USD. The price was plummeting, but he said that it was unnecessary to set the stop-loss, resulting in liquidation on the next day. But the frauds all sent fake profit screenshots. What a phony.

    The following is the original
    第一 入金的时候一千美金转给个人了7468。当天火币网USDT 7.05元。汇率太高。 第二 我是新手 有个专门的人加我,说是我的分析师,让我买黄金上涨,已经狂跌了,我问是否止损,他说没事,导致第二天爆仓。看他们发的朋友圈都是 跟着分析师赚钱的记录什么的。太黑了



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