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    Released in China

    ZhognYang gives no access to withdrawal. Scam

    I’m a green hand in Forex market. I entered live streaming (Website: http://xncj.cfzbs.cn//) and then an assistant called Jinxuan added me and said that they were the staff of ZhognYang (Website: Later, I opened an account and deposited $16,000. I made a loss so I want to withdraw. The withdrawal can’t arrive after I applied for withdrawal. I contacted the customer service and know they change the software, website: http://www.huachenfs.com/. I should deposit $50,000 to withdraw. I realized that I was cheated at that time. Many customer service in ZhognYang contacted me. I suspect they are scammers. Please be careful and avoid being cheated.

    The following is the original
    我是一个初入外汇市场的新手,今年5月,我在金十数据网,点入推广位置上的一个叫犀牛财经直播室(网址 http://xncj.cfzbs.cn//)进去后,一名客服昵称犀牛财经助理瑾萱(上面注明公司:厦门锦甚艺贸易)加我称他们是华辰国际(网址:做外汇的,后来开户入金后16000元后,亏损了点我说要出金,提交出金后一直出不了金,联系客服说她们换软件了,现在公司名称叫中阳国际期货(网址:http://www.huachenfs.com/),要叫重新入金50000元才能出金,才知道自己被骗了。后来多个QQ号注明公司为厦门锦甚艺贸易的客服联系我,据估计,这是一个诈骗团伙,请大家注意不要被骗了。
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