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    FXNPSxjn5445 Trader
    Released in United Arab Emirates

    NYSE6 gives no access to withdrawal

    I met Zhihao Jin on a dating website on July 6, 2020. I was induced to download NYSE6 after two months and ten days. The first three oedres were profitable while the orders could be manipulated behind the scenes. I kept depositing through borrowing here because of their different excuses such as member promotion, money laundering and service fee. Now I can't withdraw and my account is frozen. The fraud platform got my personal information and threaten me for I found out they are frauds. The fraud: Zhihao Jin. Fraud platform: NYSE6.com (It was launched in Beijing Alibaba cloud company on July 8, 2020) Defrauded funds: $70,000! Fraud platform: NYSE6 (It claimed that it was the subsidiary of NYSE)

    The following is the original
    于2020年7月6日在交友网站遇到金志豪,经过2个月10天建立信任后,诱导我下载NYSE6软件并开始带单操作,前期三单有所盈利并允许提现,实际上都是骗方幕后操盘,诱导我加大投资后就分别通过升级会员、防洗黑钱以及缴纳提现手续费等为由,在带单老师洗脑以及平台施加压力下,我通过借贷不断投入资金,目前出不了金并且账户被冻结,发现受骗,骗方索取我个人信息并进行威胁。 诈骗人员 :金志豪 诈骗软件平台:NYSE6.com (2020年7月8日在北京阿里巴巴云公司上线) 受骗资金:70,000美金!诈骗人:宣称NYSE6是美国NYSE的子公司,另外已经使用该软件2年,实际上该软件才注册2个月(团伙作案)。
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