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    FXBEKvpp0716 Trader
    Released in Canada

    Knight service group, bcp, bcpgltd, bcpgroup,axegml are the same. Capital Tray

    He said he profited a lot because he has a relative who analyzed the market correctly. He wanted to help me to profit too. Induce me to deposit again and again (Pretend to be a good guy and help me to deposit and ask me to deposit too). I was told the market was in a bullish mood. I profited at the first few times. Then my positions were wiped out after I didn't deposit. It was called business choice partner group limited before the end of July. My positions were wiped out and lost over 70,000 at that time for he wanted me to deposit. He asked me to deposit, I refused so he pretended to deposit 20,000 for me and asked me to deposit 5,000. After that the name was changed as knight service group limited. My balance became negative at the end of August and owed over 23,000. I was threatened to pay for the debt in the account foe they said the debt can effect my credit, grossly infamous! The account of the payee is a personal account. And the account was closed after the money was withdrawn. and Now the two WeChat accounts were closed by the fraud too. The fraud is inhuman! You’ll choke to death when you were entertained with all kinds of delicious with others’ hard-earned money! His nature is hard to change. He swindles again with another name of the fraud platform! He won’t show any mercy! Please be vigilant when you invest!

    The following is the original
    Knight service group, bcp, bcpgltd, bcpgroup,axegml全是一家黑平台,全世界布杀猪盘
    Knight service group, bcp, bcpgltd, bcpgroup,axegml全是一家黑平台,全世界布杀猪盘。那个骗子说有亲戚分析行情很准,自己因此赚了许多,也要帮我赚钱。一次次诱骗我入金(还假好人帮我入金,叫我也跟着入),说是要抓住赚钱的机会,不要错过好的行情。开始给甜头,次次都让我赚,到我不入金后就直接爆仓。七月底之前是business choice parter group limited, 为了再引诱我入金,在此爆仓了一次亏了七万多,叫我再补金,我说不补了,他就假装帮我充二万,让我自己再充五千。后来改成knight service group limited.八月底一次交易让我穿仓,血本无归,还欠二万三千多。还要威胁我再补回去,否则会影响征信。真是无耻至极!提供的汇款帐号是私人的,提走黑钱后就把帐户关闭了。现在骗子也把两个微信帐号给删掉了。骗子人面兽心,狼心狗肺,亳无人性!拿别人的血汗钱逍遥自在地在山珍海味,会被噎死,呛死!现在平台还在营运行骗,真不想有更多的人受骗!骗子本性难改,关了一个黑平台不是换个名字还再重来行骗吗?骗子哪会心慈手软?大家小心投资!



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