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    FXVIWjnf8656 Trader
    Released in China

    Forbid withdrawal. Close account. Can’t log in. No positive response.

    I viewed on the net and 必拓环球 called me and asked me to deposit in 必拓环球, I didn’t know how 必拓环球 got my phone number. I lost $500 in 必拓环球 for the first time. I thought I was unlucky and I didn’t invest. 必拓环球 called me continuously and asked me to recommend 必拓环球 to my friends after few days, there would be bonus if my friends invested in it. I gave a link to my friend and he profited $700. Then his account was closed with review. My friend’s deposit was from the credit card. We communicated with the platform for many times. We allow them to check and hand in the information they want. There was no accurate response later. The customer service said I would be contacted after waiting more than ten days, yet nobody contacted me. So I have to call them and they kept a tape of our calls because the regulator was checking. I asked them which regulator and they didn’t answer. After five days, my friend can withdraw. However, The bonus was deducted $160 after a deduction of $190 for no reason. I asked them and they said it was because of abnormal trading. Then I wanna know where was abnormal, 必拓环球 said we have no right to know. And I ask regulator’s contact information if the decision was made by the regulator but they didn’t give me the information. No one has given us a reply till now.

    The following is the original
    禁止出金 封存账户 禁止登录 不给正面回应
    必拓环球因为在网上看过网站 不知道从哪里记录了我的手机号 给我打电话叫我进去玩 第一次我亏进去500美金 我想着可能自己运气不好 然后就没再玩了 过了几天疯狂给我打电话叫我拉朋友进去投资 说有返点 后来丢给我朋友了一个链接 结果我朋友盈利了700美金大概 然后必拓就直接账户给我朋友的封禁审核了 我朋友用信用卡套的去玩的 中间和平台协商了很多次 让平台审核可以 提交证件 可以. 我们提交过后 平台给的回复十分不准确 然后等了10天以后 平台每次说稍后会有客服联系我 结果每次都没有联系我 我只能自己打电话过去 每一次都录音 平台说是监管机构审核 我问什么监管机构?平台也不给回复 然后又过了五天 允许我朋友提现了 结果扣除赠送的190美元赠金后 又莫名扣除了160美元的本金 我问什么原因 必拓说是交易异常 我问哪里异常 必拓说自己无权知道 我说那是监管机构的决定的话 监管机构的联系方式呢 必拓也不给 一直到现在也没给个答复
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