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    Scam Yuheng Capital
    They're crooks

    They refused to accept withdrawals if had deposited the investment in a plurality. He said, "If you deposit 3,9881.43 USDT, you will be approved for withdrawal." When deposited 39881.43 USDT, changed my words that had to deposit 50% of my total amount again so that could withdraw after the membership. reservation is completed. He's an obvious swingler am going to request an international investigation.

    FXOXIneq5966 Published in South Korea
    Others FXTM

    see scam , I will continue to post this, fxtm pure manipulation, two sell entry at the same time, one in big loss, the other in small profit.

    FXXWKuly9321 Published in Nigeria
    Scam MyCapital
    I don’t withdraw

    This is conversation, when i ask withdrawn process , reset password

    FXGJIhvu2674 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw MyCapital
    I don’t withdraw please see as below

    I don’t access my account ,everytimes i want to withdrawn they will damn and tell me must deposit money incresed and advance money for withdrawn my investment balance

    FXGJIhvu2674 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw MarketPluse
    Unable to withdraw

    They ignore withdrawal requests

    FXCMUhuv1014 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to withdraw TMG
    Not allow you to deposit with varied reasons

    Fraud platform. There are many excuses, such as deposit, turnover and margin. I 'm cheated of 410,000 and can't withdraw the money

    FXKFNoiv4171 Published in China
    Scam Axi
    axitrader changed its name to axi

    Fraud platform. The clerk induces you to deposit and blacklisted you! Close your trading account! Their regulator is useless

    78911的时候 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw SHYING
    Can’t withdraw funds in SHYING, divert customers’ funds randomly

    I knew the assistant via WeChat on May 21, 2020. And I invested in SHYING which he recommended. I deposited $10,000 at first. I wanna withdrew some of my funds on June 8, 2020. But I was told that I can’t withdraw funds before I trade 200 lots. Then I paid ¥10,000 margin. But the assistant disappeared after that. I contacted customer service of the platform on July 30, 2020. After communication, I transferred $5,000 to activate my account. But the platform didn’t give me an exact time on grounds of withdrawal channel issues. I took part in an activity where I give my account to the operator in August, 2020. I profited $20,000 in total after a week. Later, the operator asked for 40% incomes. I didn’t see the contract carefully so I didn’t have enough money then. I paid ¥10,000 after communication. And I would pay the rest in a month. But they asked me to pay 31,600 on grounds that the payment expired. For now, I deposited $23,000 in total. And there is $65,092 in my account. All of the money is unable to be withdrawn. Now the assistant told me that my account would be closed on grounds of no withdraw for a long

    FXIEPjfu3498 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw STC Trade
    STC Trade scams

    STC gives no access to withdrawals since 11th.

    壁立千仞 Published in China
    Others MAIKAL RING

    Tranding group is bound with the app. Your capital will be embezzled in the end. But I'm not sure about it. Please regulate it

    FXUOQqql8173 Published in China
    Scam FXPRO
    Fraud. Don't let you withdraw funds with varied reasons

    I paid individual income tax. But teh customer service asked me to pay margin for abnormal account. Pay money again and again without withdrawals.

    FXBHLdoc0732 Published in China
    Others PWM JAPAN
    Scam. The analyst guides me to operate. And he said I have to add positions to continue operating.

    Scam. The analyst guides me to operate. And he said I have to add positions to continue operating.

    FXVUUhfj8659 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MTrade
    Unable to withdraw

    At first, the consultant is obliging and keep telling me my profit and asking me to deposit. I wanna withdraw funds after a period of time. Then the staff was gone. My application for withdrawal was cancelled at the same time without a notice. What's worse, the phone of the platform is disabled.

    FXSLNoxk7513 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved CME Group

    Unable to withdraw. Collect payments with varied reasons. One of the staff disappeared after making me profit a lot.

    FXMFKioq4882 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw SAFUMAX
    The customer service doesn’t approve my application for withdrawal

    It has been for the better part of a month. The customer service said the withdrawals are disabled now because of system upgrade. I wonder that the transfers should be suspended because of the system upgrade?

    FXIPWnit3246 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw IEXS
    Bad frauds. Unable to withdraw

    Ask me to pay margin after I profit. The company is a capital tray. Multilevel marketing.

    FXKGQtkj4196 Published in China
    Severe Slippage IEXS

    Induce you to open an account by bonus. If you profit, your positions will be closed compulsorily. Please be vigilant! Do not deposit

    FXIUOdyy3228 Published in China
    Scam GCM
    Fraud platform

    Cheat people who have no experience. Let you operate without any instructions and make you forced liquidation. Then shrink the responsibility. Then abet deposits. Their regulator is fake. You can’t withdraw funds.

    FXOKDwbv5602 Published in China
    Others Actis Trading

    Cheat us of our principal. Now this platform is closed.

    FXBOKsfw0688 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw CHARTER
    My situation. The price of trust

    The timeline is in the photo. It is the lesson: When CHARTER marketed themselves, they said it was regulated by AFSL. But all these are fake. The account manager and sales manager is the same person. The customers’ complaints will be ignored because CHARTER will weasel its way out on grounds that customers use IB which wasn’t regulated by the company. If they wanna take your money, you can do nothing. CHARTER counterfeited the agreement which you signed before and the website info, so the regulators can’t helo customers. I’m confused and disappointed about what CHARTER has done. They won’t compensate for what they’ve done. If I broke the trading rules of the platform, how can I trade before? And why didi they allow me to withdraw 10% of the profit? They win your trust and cheat you. You are not allowed to profit here.... And they passed the buck on a company which doesn’t exist. Do not be cheated, this platform is so ridiculous!

    FXXXXvcp9452 Published in Singapore
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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