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    Scam MyCapital
    I don’t withdraw

    This is conversation, when i ask withdrawn process , reset password

    FXGJIhvu2674 Published in Thailand
    Scam Axi
    axitrader changed its name to axi

    Fraud platform. The clerk induces you to deposit and blacklisted you! Close your trading account! Their regulator is useless

    78911的时候 Published in China
    Scam FXPRO
    Fraud. Don't let you withdraw funds with varied reasons

    I paid individual income tax. But teh customer service asked me to pay margin for abnormal account. Pay money again and again without withdrawals.

    FXBHLdoc0732 Published in China
    Scam GCM
    Fraud platform

    Cheat people who have no experience. Let you operate without any instructions and make you forced liquidation. Then shrink the responsibility. Then abet deposits. Their regulator is fake. You can’t withdraw funds.

    FXOKDwbv5602 Published in China
    Scam TMGM
    The agent induced to open an account and help to manage it, while the account was wiped out in a week

    Xiaolin induced to open an account and deposit by the EA. And she said the risk can be controlled by AI. But in fact, they scalped to earn handling fees. Forced liquidation in a week. Ask me to continue depositing after forced liquidation. How can 111 use such fraud? And this guy is still cheating others using Facebook and WeChat in the name of the agent of TMGM

    FXLBTemd4718 Published in Taiwan
    Scam PF Capital Ltd

    Swindle me of $7,000. Now can’t log in to the web and the money is gone.

    FXUFQhvj8211 Published in United States
    Beguile customers to deposit and scalp to make accounts forced liquidation

    Beguile customers to deposit and scalp to make accounts forced liquidation

    FXLYQnaw4542 Published in Vietnam
    There is some problem with the price of this broker

    I've deposited nearly $200.

    FXOBCsqo5945 Published in Indonesia
    Scam TR

    When I deposited, they promised that there would be more than 15% incomes monthly. But I haven’t profited!

    FXGFSxxm2423 Published in China
    Scam Tate Prime
    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously. This 2 websites are the same. Avoid being cheated! Especially men! They've changed their name now, tate.prime. New wenbsite: https://tateprime.com

    JC and JITAK induced client to add fund continuously and gave no access to withdrawal! It has no record or qualification. Regulation number: 0527005 Australian License: 611849248. Even the qualification number is wrong! TATE.prime is a new website withich these fraud open. They changed their company name and website every couple months. In addition, the websites of JITAK and JC, namely, https://www.jitakcl.com/ and https://jcmtfe.com/, are the same. Don’t be cheated. If you have the information of the fraud(profile, image, contact, etc.), send them to my email xueyu998@yahoo.com. I will file it to the court. The website, http://jitakscam.com/, is also established by a victim to expose this fraud!

    FXLBKlbj4493 Published in United States
    The frauds

    I showed the information of the fraud in order that you can avoid being cheated by him.The process of the scam is so dramatic, he used many different identities to induce others to invest and made other people reach the point of no return. The so-called teacher in the stock group focuses on customers who made a loss and recommend shares, futures or other investments to you. That’s a scam. The teacher has many different QQ in the name of analysis teacher, investment consultant of future, businessman or top operator. Let you profit, then let you lose money again and again.Torment you by inch. And you will lose all the money in the end without noticing the scam.Please polish your eyes, don’ be cheated like me, my whole family has been ruined. I wish the fraud’s conscience smote him(It’s impossible). I don't know how many people have been cheated like me. Maybe they don't know there is such a scam. Don’t cheat others anymore. Your benefit is based on others’ agony, even lives. You will pay for it!!!

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Scam FPR
    Original bank code

    Supplement, original bank code. Ask us to change it the same day! Don’t be cheated by this easy trick!

    尼瑪 Published in Taiwan
    Scam Libertex
    Fraud platform

    They said on the WeChat that they used the bug of data base to profit. And we should obey their instructions. But when I withdraw, I have to pay 20% individual income tax.

    FXCSYxsc0854 Published in China
    Stay away from this fraud platform

    This fraud platform was run by brother and sister where you can’t withdraw funds. And they cheat lots of investors in GuiLin.

    交易之王007 Published in China
    Scam FPR
    Ask investors to change the bank on ground of checking out at the end of the month but they don’t return the investment

    The customer service said the bank account was changed in half an hour after I deposited funds and asked customer to contact the bank by themselves. I contacted the bank, and the bank said the money was transferred already. But the customer service didn’t return the money! While they spread the news that customers receive money in succession! My friends who deposited too haven’t received, either!

    尼瑪 Published in Taiwan
    Scam. It’s said that I can withdraw in 3-7 days. But I’ve been waiting for five months

    The fraud platform said I can get my withdrawal in 3-7 days, but I can’t. Why

    FXLHOaqo4617 Published in Malaysia
    Scam AM Broker


    FXSQTjwf7251 Published in Vietnam
    Scam IQ Option

    There is a slippage

    FXPJBjyo6207 Published in Thailand
    Scam VEONCO

    根本就是诈骗集团 看到的记得别投资除非你钱多 TERMS AND CONDITIONS Use of the Website The user warrants and represents to the Company that he is legally entitled to make use of information made available via the website. The Company reserves the right at its sole discretion to change, modify, add, or remove any portion of this Website or these Terms of use at any time and for any reason, without a notice to the user.

    FXUOGugt8368 Published in Malaysia
    Scam CF GLOBAL
    Beguile you to deposit. Deduct large amounts of service fees

    Can’t withdraw after profiting. This platform is not recommended. The customer service has a bad attitude.

    FXSWXdef7403 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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