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    Others FXTM
    different candlestick

    some candlesticks different from tradingview and other brokers

    FXQNVeua6647 Published in Nepal
    Others hiifx
    The fraud, Chen Dajie

    Chongqing scammer Chen Dajie used the return as a bait and ensure that we would not lose money to operate the account on his behalf

    FXHQMjwb2816 Published in China
    Others IC Markets
    Problem of slippage

    I doubt the spread here. They claimed that their spread was so small while it is not true

    FXCGBdty0968 Published in Paraguay
    Others Allianz
    Fraud broker

    The liar platform pretends to be a customer service to let you enter this platform and then cheat your deposit step by step

    FXCAXbsu0850 Published in China
    Others Humble Forex Investment
    I have been cheated R5000 by a guy called Byron I sent R2000 first then R3000

    Humble B investments owned by a guy named Byron Appels

    FXXLHglk9292 Published in South Africa
    Others Millennium Alpha
    There is some problem with the official website

    I can’t log on to the official website. I have logged in a few times, and then I can’t log in again. It’s so annoying.

    FXYYMjsf9702 Published in China
    Others GUOTAI
    Unable to login

    The official webpage cannot be logged in, cannot be inquired, the customer service phone cannot be reached, and the company is fake

    FXTHQcpf7811 Published in China
    Others Portal Realm
    I suspect that the exchange rate is manipulated by somebody

    Every time I profit, my position will be liquidated frequently. Every time I make a profit of 50,000, there will be a liquidation. Is there such a coincidence?

    FXNHVuxt5531 Published in Hong Kong
    Others ActivTrades
    liar agents

    some of their agents are liars. their sgent susan told me that my withrawal will be send to its source. In that particular withrawal, $20 was deposited thru online banking but the $30 was deposited thru mastercard. However, danai told me that all my withrawal was returned to my mastercard. they are making easy problem harder becsuse withrawal thru online banking will be finshed in less than one hour but thru mastercard would talke morethan 3 days. they are very unfair. i

    FXNINjan5450 Published in Philippines
    Others ABinvesting
    I have been cheated!!

    (ABinvesting .com)). They are liars!

    FXNSEfsl5544 Published in Colombia
    Others TR
    I feel so angry

    I have been cheated of $1,800 by TR.

    FXQIVjoj6592 Published in Colombia
    Others EXNESS
    The candlestick is not right

    Unable to close orders while I can operate in other platforms. This is a scam

    FXCWGnfq0819 Published in Thailand
    Others East
    Unable to withdraw

    I wanna expose this platform. I have been cheated of T$100,000 I hope there will be no one cheated by 111. Pay attention!

    FXKWWaoj4207 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved Fortrade
    They don't admit my deposits

    They keep pushing me to dpeosit funds but I haven't been allowed to withdraw funds

    JoseDeales Published in Argentina
    Others ExpertOption
    Paid Withdraw But no Credit.

    Paid to withdraw but no amount credited to my bank.

    FXSXRaxc7214 Published in Philippines
    Others FXTM
    Profit not given.This isnt the first time.

    Profit not given for a second time,even after TP is smashed.

    FXQNVeua6647 Published in Nepal
    Others Guohuijinrong
    Delete your account immediately

    Found it is a scam. Delete your account without saying anything. Don’t use it. I advise you not to invest any money in it.

    FXCSGwhe0970 Published in Taiwan
    Others FIBO Group
    Most of my profitable orders have been deleted and my profits have been deducted

    Most of my profitable orders have been deleted and my profits have been deducted

    叫ba Published in China
    Others VEONCO

    Scam group cheated many of us money, don’t come out to mislead others without proper foreign exchange knowledge

    FXLHOaqo4617 Published in Malaysia
    Others PTFX
    Have a lokk at him

    This person is a big liar and doesn’t give money after the business is done

    实力客户来聊保本技术 Published in China
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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