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    Others East
    Change the name. Scam

    Currently unable to log in to the company’s website, change the name, scammer Everyone, pay attention to return my money. It's too damning.

    FXKWWaoj4207 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw RARLON
    Unable to withdraw due to “insufficient volume trading”They ask you to pay this and that and never release your asset from platform.

    HongKong Scammers. Be aware because they made me pay trading volume twice, security deposit, risk deposit, and want more until I gave up as I became indebted. They never released your asset from platform. It’s rarlon.xyz and I am not sure if this is the actual rarlon. I don’t want anyone not to be a victim of this. They made promises once you made payment to let you extract money but then they will not reply for so long until the next day and ask for more payment. Bunch of scammers.

    FXHHToos2854 Published in Australia
    Withdrawal status development

    Mkj or MT4 customer service sent a message on WhatsApp informing me that the funds have been remitted and sitting in a bank waitingfor the 20% deposit and if the payment is not received then all the funds will be absorbed by them. I have requested multiple times for a company policy as a reference and they said there is none. How does one know about these rules when they haven’t been informed at thepoint of registration and account activation? They refused to escalate this to their manager and kept claiming that they are just passing on the message from their finance department. I also requested for evidence on this and they ignored my request and kept saying that this is the process. The guy that got me into this conveniently had some remittance receipts to show me when I told him about my situation. However the screenshots weren’t in full and it doesn’t make sense. So it could be true or false. There is no head or tail to know if it is real. He tried to convince me that it’s legit and that we should find a way to get the funds out. He offered to pay $5K USD and that i have to find the balance myself. I did not ask for his help in the first place and I can’t help but think that he is still trying to play innocent and scam me further. Please can I get some assistance in resolving this?

    FXSJRwas7293 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw Super Forex
    Withdrawal failures.

    Lots of clients have complained they cannot withdraw after making a profit.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Rifa
    Investment Scam

    This company is deceiving. When you both log in with them and make a profit, you will not be able to withdraw your money. They will give you many excuses. You will have to pay various fees. In the end you will not get your money back. You will lose all your money. They claim that their head office is in Singapore. And I have a branch in Hong Kong. I did not lose money for free, so I want to remind everyone not to invest in this company. They don't do business but they are liars. Again, it is strictly forbidden not to invest in this company.

    FXKRTgur4116 Published in Thailand
    Scam NetoTrade
    Scam alert.

    Neto trade calls people up and try to get access to their computers by claiming these people will be refunded from their deposits, even though they have not deposited any money. This is a trick of netotrade to hack your computer. If you get any call from Neto trade, just ignore.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw Rifa
    Unable to withdraw. Can't contact the customer service. Don't invest unlicensed brokers cuz you will lose everything

    There is still over $10,000 in my acocunt balance

    FXPKQmil6273 Published in China
    Others Cooper Markets
    Frauds from Malaysia

    This group of Malaysians Tongguo Ruifeng Securities has deployed for more than two years. The teacher and the surname Yang used malicious slippage to embezzle the hard-earned money of five IB investors including MAM. A market consultant used the report in Malaysia to recover the principal of investors, and used various reasons to delay the best time to recover funds to achieve the purpose of dividing the dirt and running away, calling on all investors in the financial industry to recognize it. The true colors of this group of people, in case these people deceive the world again

    1413 Published in China
    Others To Markets
    A big fraud

    Find all ways to make people lose the control of the candlestick and separate the control of the international market

    涛涛 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Atlantic
    Don't allow withdrawals

    Attract deposits with bonus, And then block your withdrawals untill your principal is deducted to 0

    FXNVQcej5286 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Swisstrade Finance
    Unable to withdraw

    When I wanna withdraw funds, no one replied to me

    FXBJVhue0590 Published in Thailand
    Scam IQ Option

    Hi, I have been cheated of more than one hundred dollars. I want my money back

    FXGINpkp2550 Published in Bolivia

    Hello, I was scammed by GSI MARKETS for more than 4,000 US dollars. I ended the operation very well, but all the time, I have suffered losses and my account is at risk. Then they told me that I should deposit more deposits. I lose more than 4,000 dollars. I want to recover when I want to withdraw. They told me that when I give me more than 8,000 dollars every time, I only need to withdraw 200 dollars. They didn’t let I stay alone

    FXGINpkp2550 Published in Bolivia
    Scam RFB


    FXQUJdfr6707 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw East
    Unable to withdraw

    Ask for a 10% incom tax to withdraw funds! This is a fraud broker

    咩咩 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw TR
    Malicious Scam

    I met on the Internet and didn’t ask me to invest in foreign exchange at the beginning. Until I met him for a few months, he said that he would not lose when he invested foreign exchange. He also said that he had several clients who made millions in foreign exchange with him. Later, I invested three thousand US dollars, and I had withdrawn several times at the beginning, and then I said to help me plan an amount of 450,000 Taiwan dollars. At the beginning, I didn’t dare, and the woman said that I didn’t believe him. He said that he wouldn’t lie to me, and kept talking to me. One day I wanted to make money, so I went to recharge. It’s hard to find him after I’ve recharged. After a few days, I didn’t take me to operate it, so I kept contacting him. I said I was busy, and I said that I couldn’t withdraw it without any operation. I later regretted that I wanted to withdraw it all, so I did it myself. The customer service said that the bank account I wrote was wrong. How could my own account be wrong? I got it right three times. , And then asked me to pay a deposit of 180,000 yuan before I can withdraw it back, saying that if I didn’t pay it, I would freeze it forever. I was warned that I was deceived. After a while, the customer service deleted all the information on my platform and the customer service disappeared.

    FXNJThbe5484 Published in Taiwan
    Others Bforex
    Big scam.

    Bforex has scammed a lot of clients by stealing money from their accounts.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Others LiteForex
    Complain received against liteforex.

    A client has complained liteforex charge very high fees on withdrawal and they are very greedy.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Resolved Rockfort
    Fraud deposit

    I applied for a deposit of $2500 in February and April 2021, and sent my bank remittance bill to the platform, but the company has not yet helped to complete my deposit. And they also changed the bank account in the United States.

    FXHPJntg3016 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw MWNG
    Unable to withdraw

    This platform did not allow withdrawals, and began to say that withdrawals need to pay a withdrawal channel fee, and said that after payment, you can withdraw funds, but then they said that the country’s personal income tax was stipulated. After payment, the platform suddenly disappeared, and an email was sent saying it took a few days for the system to be upgraded and maintained. After three days, the customer service platform server disappeared. Today, another email was sent suddenly, and the customer service was contacted again. I asked him when the withdrawal can be received, and now he said that MT4 has terminated the cooperation, and the withdrawal needs to be processed for VIP before the withdrawal can be made, if not, you need to queue up

    FXPYKyum6228 Published in United Kingdom
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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