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    Unable to withdraw ICE FX
    ICE FX doesn’t allow the withdrawal but continues asking for a certification fee

    At first, you can withdraw small amount of money. But the customer service told me that I had to pay taxes cuz my profit exceeded NT$ 400,000. 5% tax was required. After that, the customer service said I had to pay 10% of my asset for money laundering. All right. And after all these, I was asked to pay 30% of my asset cuz my verification had failed. I asked the financial administrator in Singapore and they said this broker hasn’t been regulated by them.

    FXMAEdar5197 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw Richness Empire
    Unable to login and withdraw

    The account has been blocked for one month, the deposit was paid, and it was still impossible to log in and withdraw funds. Please don't trust the margin.

    FXRDEeru6873 Published in Angola
    Unable to withdraw MOGAFX
    Unable to withdraw

    Withdrawal on April 22, it has not been processed after 20 days, and the screenshots of the withdrawal record mt4 transaction are all available. Is this going to abscond?

    FXBMLtrj0553 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw USGFX
    Unable to withdraw. Can't open their official website. The customer manager ignores and even blacklists customers. Don't know whether customers can get their money back or not!!!

    USGFX defrauds customers and is in a state of losing contact! ! ! !

    FXHSUxaf3159 Published in China
    Scam MexGroup
    MexGroup is a fraud broker

    MexGroup cheats money with their supposed Australian regulation. The broker analyst tricked me into investing and I have lost nearly A$90,000. I complained the analyst to the broker but no one handled my complaint.

    FXXDIjmx9363 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw LBLV
    Unable to withdraw money

    Unable to withdraw money No contact back.

    FXMKRiva5136 Published in Thailand
    Others UkTrade
    UK TRADE is a fraud

    The copy trade ruined investor's account, forcing customers to deposit more within 15 days. Or the account will be closed. Unable to withdraw

    FXCOOixn1058 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved BIGBEN PRO
    Scam. Forced liquidation

    When there is a liquidity, my account has been wiped out

    FXVYVanh8721 Published in Vietnam
    Scam Ingoinvest
    Please help

    I have got with them only recently, invested $250, then they offered a credit of $4.5k which I closed today and agreed a withdrawal of $5.5k tomorrow, I had trades running, where all of the sudden most trades changed their opening price from recently opened to price when it was a 2 weeks ago, some trades months ago and instant large loss. I have closed those trades manually, but they re-opened 4 that are active at current market price and moved price again in to huge drawdawn blocked account.

    FXJQSxon3628 Published in United Kingdom
    Scam MagKing
    Magking is a scam project

    I've registered and deposited money. Sid gave me the signal to order. At first with $ 500 everything was ok. After deposit to $ 20,000 I couldn't withdraw my money. Magking tells me that I have to pay tax. I also paid about $2000, but they still want more money and my account is still frozen.

    FXRIIwvm6931 Published in Germany
    Severe Slippage JCWHFX
    severe slippage

    85 percent of total fund lost in single trade. $600k lost. broker was using MT4. can anyone help with advice on next steps[3f]

    FXESQvbj1798 Published in United States
    Severe Slippage eXcentral
    Lose a lot with the investment project

    This is a pure fraud scam!

    FXMBMpst5006 Published in Taiwan
    Scam LunoTrade
    Looking for help

    She approached me from Facebook introducing me to luno trading I have invested a R1000 waited for it to reflect on my account as spoken and agreed but to my surprise I was asked to pay cost of transfer withdrawal money R4200 did that and I was told about w Payment cost charge fee an amount of R2500 I did that and again was asked to pay R6550 as D.T Direct Texes did that also now am told about clearance fee of R3 500 for my money to be released on to my bank account number... Please help

    FXYXCkso9628 Published in South Africa
    Others Kraken
    Kraken is a scam.

    Do not invest in this company. Previously, many people have sufferred huge losses by investing in this company.

    FXNAVbro5427 Published in Bangladesh
    Unable to withdraw BTCADA Global Limited
    Unable to withdraw

    Cannot withdraw money. Because the broker notified me that I have withdrawn more than 100,000 USD, my account has been suspended and 50% of the total portfolio value must be transferred. The value of my entire portfolio as an account collateral is $194,161.76.

    FXUUVvko8087 Published in Thailand
    Scam PrimeFin
    I've been forced to deposit 100,000

    I want them to refund my money

    FXDUScak1415 Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw RELY
    Unable to withdraw

    This company is ready to run away, unable to withdraw money, and maliciously manipulated to liquidate its position, and has called the police

    FXMDVtsd4813 Published in China
    Resolved Tradeview
    Unable to withdraw

    If I wanna withdraw funds, it will show the server error. Is it a scam?

    FXDRFhot1377 Published in Japan
    Others NYFX
    I've lost over $1,000 for the system error

    My order is set with TP and stop-loss. It is clear that the profitable order was turned into a loss due to system reasons. Contact customer service, and the customer service returned the order to me at a high level the next day, which made me suffer a serious loss, and the profitable order became a serious loss

    FXRKJbju6965 Published in China
    Unable to withdraw Richness Empire

    We have to pay 30% to the tax bureau before withdrawing funds. And they said we could get the money in one working day. Isn’t it a scam?

    FXPENhof6124 Published in Singapore
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      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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