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    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    Withdrawal not approved for weeks.

    They are swindlers. I chose one of their investment plans and made a deposit immediately. When it was time to make a withdrawal, I was denied. I contacted their support and they told me to make extra 50% deposit of my investment to move me to another plan which will enable me to withdraw my fund. But this was not the agreement at the beginning. When they insisted on not paying back, I had to employ the service of assetsclaimback advisory.Imagine i didn’t sought the firm they will have defrauded my $55,000 Dacland have defrauded a lot of people they can’t be trusted

    FX3464800242 Published in Germany
    Unable to withdraw FXGT
    They won't let me withdraw my benefits

    After making a high profit, the company does not allow withdrawals and is justified by saying that one did unfair practices, it seems that here you only have to lose money to avoid being unfair, any excuse for not paying is good They accused me of doing arbitrage but actually trading on the WBTC pair is always going to be slower than on the BTC pair, because of the way both networks work, no manipulation or cheating is required to trade that correlation. but of course, they showed me that they never sent those operations to the market, almost the same as playing with an online casino That is why I do not recommend this site at all, the facilities they offer to deposit in cryptocurrencies and super high leverages are only to attract clients to lose their money, but if any client has benefits THEY WILL NOT BE PAID, THEY WILL STEAL THE MONEY

    Reinaldo Moreno Published in Venezuela
    Unable to withdraw Starek
    Beware not to fall victim

    Beware not to fall for their scam. They are always very convincing when pitching their investment plans and ideas to you. The problem starts when you want to make a withdrawal, after several attempts to withdraw and countless email to the support team and no response

    FX1335110192 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Zeus Capital Markets
    Funds stuck

    Zeus capital conned me out of $97000; they barred me for a period of time; and then, out of the blue, I got some odd notice about a margin call, and the balance on my account was zero. Never trade with them; if you do, they'll freeze your account and claim that your documents aren't validated. Due to their lack of client service, trying to verify your account will take months, and in the end you will lose your money..

    FX2576528692 Published in United Kingdom
    Others Globex360

    They manipulate trades if you're losing they double or triple the margin of the loss and if you're on the winning side they half the profit

    sizwe malaza Published in South Africa
    Unable to withdraw ECNMarkets
    withdrawal not approved

    I invested $109,000 with ECNMarkets and lost everything.my account manger was the one who constantly nagging me to make more and bigger investments. He'll know why I'm not going to spend any more when he sees that I've already spent $109,000. He hasn't defrauded me in a while. I wasn't even able to log into my account online. They have ceased all contact with me. I've complained to the company numerous times, but nothing appears to be working.

    FX2576528692 Published in United Kingdom
    Unable to withdraw ANCHGO
    ANCHGO scam

    I recently began investment trading using ANCHGO. and MT5. I went to withdraw funds on May 14th 2022 and to date they have NOT wired the monies to my account. I have attempted to communicate with them numerous times and they do not even respond.

    FX3464800242 Published in Germany
    Scam GYD
    Scam forex broker: Unable to withdraw funds from GYD Int. Holdings LTD. (new name is ANCHGO Ltd.)

    They put ads on Facebook. I inquired about it and started trading demo on their platform and was doing well following signals. I put in 5k live and lost it following their signals. Then added 10K and traded it up to 19K. Next I heard about robot trading and they gave me some info. Needed to add 20K to allow robot trading. Then I was told there was a fee of 10K to have their technical group do coding. This made me mad because I was not told about it, so I complained about it and of course was told I would make that back in a couple weeks. Now that robot trading was going well at $85K and I wanted to withdraw, they started talking about other service fees to withdraw. I told them that any service fees owed needs to come from money I made in the account or the deposit. They keep saying that it has to be paid before withdrawal. I should be able to take deposit without any fees, so I refused. Now they claim my account is frozen and assets have been confiscated by their bank. Their bank is supposedly Standard Chartered PLC per their messages. Now when I try to login to their online site, I am denied access. Also on the mt4 platform all trade history has been deleted. I have copies of all messages, transactions, trade history, etc. and will try to attach. If not, please reach out to me and I can send by email. Submitting quickly so your website will not time out again.

    FX3072812027 Published in United States
    Scam Absolute Markets
    Scam forex broker: Unable to stop copy-trading or withdraw funds from Absolute Markets

    I saw their ads and did an inquiry on FB and Telegram. I deposited $20,000 total ($10,000 in their Dailyfxpips) and ($10,000 in their Ultrafxpips). Once the trades started going, I was following the plans and noticing they were not taking profits at specific times and started messaging them about it. They kept stating to not keep checking and they know what they are doing. I did not like this, so I reached out to Absolute Markets to remove me from copy trading. They claimed that all trades need to be closed to remove my accounts and I needed to reach out to my subscriber to close trades. I kept reaching out to Dailyfxpips/Ultrafxpips to close trades and release my account. They did not comply. I told this to Absolute Markets and they keep saying the same things (Our tech team is working on it and please contact your subscriber.) I keep telling them that the subscriber is not responding and they need to take action asap. One of the accounts even got up to $35,000 in equity($25K balance) and they still did not allow me to pull anything out of the balance while trades were ongoing. Now both accounts are blown and Absolute Markets still claim they can do nothing about this situation. This lets me know that they are part of the scam and may even be the same people. I have screenshots of all activity and telegram messages. I will try to attach on here.

    FX3072812027 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw OCTAFX
    Dear OctaFX Team, I am waiting withdrawal amount

    Dear OctaFX Team, I am waiting withdrawal amount from 22 june 2022 my total withdrawal request is $ 4000 , still not received in account so kindly help me and transfer to amount in my account .My trading account is - 26545396 withdrawal details 1- $ 2000 withdrawal request 21/june/2022 request id - W6909659 2- $ 2000 withdrawal request 21/june/2022 request Id - W6909628 Total withdrawal amount pending $ 4000 . My account details ABHIJEET KUMAR A/C -043101511943 IFSC - ICICI0000431 ICICI BANK BHAGALPUR BRANCH BIHAR

    FX3386752802 Published in India
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
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