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    FX3589707483 Trader
    Released in Vietnam

    AF INDEX scams, you wouln't withraw your money

    The guy add you on internet with handsome profile and try to get to know you, talk with you everyday, make you trust and like him. Then he say love you and want to build the future together. Then asked you register an account on the website : https://www.af-index.com/and ask you deposit money to trade. Later you wouldn't withdraw your money and he disappear
    Please be careful, because he used other's photos to impress you then convine you to deposit more money.
    I have cheated 10000$ an i am so hurt because we kept talking 5 months. i thought that that is true love .
    Please don't make same my mistakes and we have to do something to report and claim this platfrom.

    Unable to withdraw



    Confirmed to be solved?