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    FX3992142500 Trader
    Released in Germany

    Scam 4 million RMB, and unable to withdraw money!

    I am an overseas Chinese who has lived in Germany for 30 years. On October 27th last year, I met a Chinese named Li Kaiwen on Instagram. He likes to do charity just like me, so we had good conversations. He once told me that his uncle was a senior financial analyst and asked me if I wanted to invest in gold. He asked me to download MT4 first and do gold trading on the platform AF index. The customer service of AF index used what’s App to contact me. Li taught me the operation on the spot. As a result, I made more than 10,000 US dollars in my first transaction. He said that when the two of us make money, we will do charity together to help those in need. So I remitted a total of 300,000 Euros from Germany to an account in Lithuania, and later another RMB 1.8 million from ICBC to different banks in China. A total of RMB 4 million. In mid-December, I wanted to withdraw money, but I couldn't. AF index said that I made a total of more than USD 1 million. According to Hong Kong law, I must pay a profit tax of 18% before I can withdraw the money. I feel I have been deceived. I hope that the relevant departments will strictly investigate this. I want to expose AF index’s online fraud on your platform, and hope that more innocent people will be careful not to fall for them.

    The following is the original
    Network Defraud RMB 4 million 诈骗巨额400万人民币,不让出金!
    我是一个在德国生活了30年的华侨。 去年10月27号在Instagram 上认识了叫李凯文的中国人,他喜欢做慈善和我一样,所以比较谈得来。有一次他告诉我,他叔叔是一位资深的金融分析士,问我是不是也想投资做黄金,他让我先下载了MT4,在平台AF Index 做黄金交易。AF Index的客服是用what’s App 和我联系的。李在现场教我操作,结果第一次交易就赚了一万多美金, (现在回想起来,每次都是他们自己在操作黄金的跌和涨,每一次都盈利)。他说等我们两个赚了钱一起做慈善,去帮助那些需要帮助的人。所以我就从德国汇出一共30万欧元到立陶宛的一个账号,后来再从工商银行汇出了180万人民币到中国不同的银行。一共合人民币400万。12月中旬我想提金,然后出不了金,AF说我一共盈利100多万美金,根据香港法律规定先要交18%的盈利税,然后才可以把钱拿出来。我觉得自己受骗上当了。 希望有关部门严查。我想在贵台曝光AF Index的网络诈骗行为,希望让更多的无辜百姓小心谨慎不要上他们的当。
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