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    藍♀魔*^_^*之♀涙 Trader
    Released in China

    Know this fraud via social platform. I hope u can help me recover my money

    Don’t know if this is a clone. At first, I just wanna deposit thousands of money but I was asked to deposit hundreds of thousands of money. I just withdrew funds successfully once and then I can’t withdraw funds for insufficient turnover and credit score, illegal operations and money laundering. And my account has been locked again and again. I am still unable to withdraw funds. I wanna withdraw my money, and they said my turnover was not enough. So I hurried o trade yesterday and lost all. I woke up and searched online, findng that it is a scam. I lost all my money, over 200,000 RMB. I borrowed this money online. Now I should pay back the money at the beginning of this month. Don’t know what to do

    The following is the original
    不知道这个是不是假的瑞讯,一开始我只做几千的,非要我投几万十万,除了第一次出金成功,之后一直不能出金,说我没走够流水出金违规操作要缴纳保证金,缴完又说信用公分不够,继续缴违约金,然后又说涉嫌洗钱,继续缴,再又锁帐号,再缴,最后还是没能提现,说流水不够,昨天着急提现,跟着做流水,然后全赔进去了 ,才幡然醒悟,网上搜了一下,是骗人的,20多万,一分都没有了,全部都是网络平台上借来入的,现在月初要还上,都不知道怎么办了
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