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    FX3073472100 Trader
    Released in United States

    Unable to withdraw, Assetspoor Recovery saved the day

    My experience with Richness Empire was a rough one. I invested 20 thousand on the platform and all efforts to withdraw both my capital and profits were futile, I spoke to the support severally but they kept on requesting for more deposit with different excuses like tax, processing fee. Even after you pay the 10% processing fee, nothing happens. Things got from bad to worse when they stopped responding to my mails, this led me to reporting to Assetspoor.tech recovery for a refund. Richness Empire is feeding on Vulnerable people like myself who are pensionable age trying to make a small profit and people are loosing all their savings. It is stealing on a very large scale and the company must be making substantial profit I wonder where this is going definitely not to the investors! Stay clear is my advice.

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