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    FX3266985410 Trader
    Released in Vietnam

    Obvious scam. Just stay away from it

    I met that charming guy on FB dating and he said he could help me to increase my asset to have a bright future with him. I was so idiot to place truth on him and then download MetaTrader5 app (which is legit), and use Richness Empire as Brokers. I believed that as a Broker listed on the app, it is regulated (basically not). So I made investment with him and even apply for the overdraft trap. So now when I discover that many people are in the same situation and I haven't completed the overdraft, I wouldn't spend any money on it any more. Just have to accept the truth that my money will never come back. I was idiot, please if there're any invitation for investment, check the broker carefully and do not place truth so easily like me. Now I'm broken and did borrow money from my friends, I need to find the way to pay them back!




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