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    FX1674635038 Trader
    Released in Philippines

    Unable to withdraw and No reply from customer service

    I have been messaging the customer service for 3 days now about the withdrawal from my account; however, there haven't been any reply yet. I have met this guy in a dating app and said that he would help me increase my principal amount, at first, yes he did help me, but on subsequent trading, he won't help me unless I apply for an overdraft of at least 2000 US dollars, unfortunately I wasn't able to meet his demands so that's why he told me to apply for an overdraft of 3000 - 5000 us dollars and I did. After able to come up with the money, he told me that I cannot withdraw unless I top up another 5000 us dollars in which case I did; thereafter, I decided to withdraw the money but unfortunately, the customer service won't reply to me for 3 days and they have been sending messages with: "Hello, it is being processed for you, please wait a moment". I just have to face the fact that I have lost a lot of money and I'm in a very serious debt issue because of Richness - Forex

    Unable to withdraw



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