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    Released in Philippines

    ALPARI-RU an BIG SCAM Broker

    Alpari RU Scam me about 2 mount ago and i send more then 10
    complaint but they don’t accept my request and tell me about business roul not
    broken i trade 0.1 Lot size and left the trade but when i got daily
    confirmation Email i see they wraith 1.0 lot size and i loss about 2500 USD and
    they don’t accept they mistake i send my log zip file and they answer and my
    daily statement replay and all in a zip file to view all and show how much they
    SCAM US and we never can do a right compliant all people doing trade with this
    Broker But when they see loss in him side doing this action and always losser
    are US .

    Now I have this information and want someone help me in this
    way If they are really regulation in some where why they don’t answer our
    complaint and always in Broker side ?

    I want Just show You Alparu ru (alpari-forex.com 2) is An
    scam Broker site and keep this complaint and never want they accept this is a
    folk of them and 2500 $ is a big money for a trader working with 0.1 lot size
    after this i told to everybody trade with Sweden or Switzerland or UK or US .

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