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    joen Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    Fraud company plus company employees coaxing

    I have invested in the forex market in this company for a period of time. I cannot withdraw fund and the account is frozen. I asked the customer service. The customer service told me to pay 12% of the profit to the company’s account. The period is one month, otherwise the account will not be operated and withdrawn. How can I withdraw money smoothly? Now the account has been disabled, and the company employees are still collecting money privately and saying that there is a channel to withdraw money smoothly, but they don’t admit of accepting money.

    The following is the original
    在這家公司投資外匯市場一段時間了,要出金出不了 賬戶還被凍結,詢問客服,客服告知要先交納12%盈利金到這公司賬上,期限一個月,不然賬戶不予操作和出金。該要怎樣才能順利出金 現在帳號已被封鎖了,公司員工還私下收款哄騙有管道可以順利出金還不承認收錢
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