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    148913413 Trader
    Released in Taiwan

    Mexico fraud had been shutted down and changed to Jones now

    The former fraud platform Mexico had been shutted down and the fund within that platform is being scammed and cannot be withdrawn. Now, they changed to be Jones. People who had been deceived by Mexico before should be careful. The scamming group members changed to new fraud broker. They will keep changing platform and broker to scam. The following is one member of the scamming group and will show up in Wechat and Line now. They will take various approaches to gain trust to scam and not withdrawing for you and lock the broker at the end. Please report to police to address it if you encounter similiar situation. Do not invest fund anymore to prevent having nothing left. Please share it to avoid having more victims.

    The following is the original
    Mexico 詐騙已關閉現在改Jones
    原先的Mexico 詐騙平台已關閉了,原本在裡面的錢也被詐騙無法領回,現在改Jones之前有被Mexico 騙的要注意小心,詐騙集團成員已改新的黑心交易商詐騙,他們也會一直換平台交易商來詐騙,以下也是詐騙集團成員之一,會出現在微信根LINE各個通訊軟體上,他們也會用盡各種方法來騙取信任在來詐騙無法出金,最後封鎖改交易商,如有遇到相同情形的請立刻報警處理,不要在投入在多的資金進去了!以免自己血本無歸,請幫忙分享下去以免更多人受害!



    Confirmed to be solved?