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    FX1596680422 Trader
    Released in France

    Impossible to withdraw, and then have deleted my account

    1- Hello, I registered with this broker in December 2021 and I had a certified account after checking
    of identity. I made a few deposits (around €6k) and I had a successful first withdrawal of €150. Due to health issues, I
    was not active in January 2022 and returned in February. I opened a few successful trades, my
    account seemed to be normal, and I reached 8.5k€. At the end of February, I tried to withdraw only €200 for a
    need person1, and I received an email saying that the withdrawal failed because, for security, my account was
    frozen due to long inactivity, and they asked me to top up 50% of my initial funds in order
    to unfreeze my account. My account has been frozen without my being informed by a notification. Then I have contacted again the customer service on Telegram, they first told me that my account was not frozen, so I tried to withdraw again and today the 03/16/2022 they have deleted my account after 3 weeks of telling me to be patient. and they have blocked me on Telegram.

    Unable to withdraw



    Confirmed to be solved?