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    RealHopeFX Trader
    Released in South Korea

    Their nonsensical withdrawal rules they take 20$

    They're brokers who risk their lives for $20 Fee. I deposited $100 USDT this time and asked to withdraw $96 after trading. But they complained to me about the previous credit card deposit. They want me to credit $5 first. However, this is where the problem occurs. In their withdrawal rules, if the withdrawal request amount is less than $100, they take $20 fee.I wanted to make an additional $100 deposit to cover this and get the withdrawal without a fee, but they ended up taking $20 USDT Fee from me as a previous deposit that they didn't even have. and i got only 171$ USDT It's absolutely ridiculous. The previous deposit with a credit card of $200 has already been withdrawn at 195 dollars. I've never been in a situation like this before. VT market is an interesting broker

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