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    FX2878825992 Trader
    Released in Japan

    Induced deposits with anniversary activities, and then a series of problems followed

    Picture[1] On April 9th, a friend told me that the business had an anniversary event and asked me to contact customer service to see if I had the right to participate, so I was confused and passively participated. Figure [2] On April 10th, the first application for withdrawal of funds failed. The customer service refused to withdraw funds on the grounds that the anniversary activities were not completed, and said that the activities that were not completed within the specified time would be handed over to the judicial department and reported for levy letter. Figure [3] On April 11th, I borrowed money from a friend. Due to the transfer limit, I made a deposit of 320,000 yen and completed 50% of the progress of the activity. Figure [4] The platform could not be accessed on April 12th and 13th, the official statement is system maintenance and upgrade; on April 14th, the deposit of 331,000 yen was completed to complete the anniversary event. Figure [5] On April 14th, the second withdrawal failed. The customer service asked me to pay 20% of the account balance as the violation fee on the grounds that my account maliciously attacked the platform system data and caused a high profit violation, otherwise the account will be frozen. On April 15th, deposit 342,500 yen as a deposit. Figure [6] On April 17th, the deposit arrived. Figure [7] From April 18th to 22nd, I contacted customer service about the withdrawal of funds, and I have been inquiring all the time, but there is no result; I later informed that the profit part needs to pay 50% of the account balance as personal income tax before the withdrawal can be resumed. business. Figure [8] On April 24th, the illegal payment was refunded to the account. Figure [9] On April 24, it was found that the account main body of the old version was inconsistent with the account main body of the new version. I asked customer service, the customer service explained it, and sent an email to Exness's official mailbox for verification, but no reply was received.

    The following is the original
    图[1]4月9日,朋友告知我商家有个周年庆活动,让我联系客服看看是否有权参与,于是稀里糊涂被动参加了。 图[2]4月10日,第一次申请出金失败,客服以未完成周年庆活动为由拒绝出金,并说规定时间内未完成活动将移交司法部门,并上报征信。 图[3]4月11日,向朋友借款,由于转账有限额,于是入金32万日元,完成活动进度的50%。 图[4]4月12、13日无法进入平台,官方说法是系统维护升级;4月14日,入金331000日元,完成周年庆活动。 图[5]4月14日,第二次出金失败,客服以我的账户恶意攻击平台系统数据造成高额盈利违规行为为由,要我缴纳账户余额的20%作为违规金,不然将冻结账户。4月15日,入金342500日元作为保证金。 图[6]4月17日,保证金到账。 图[7]4月18~22日,联系客服出金问题,一直都是在查询,没有结果;后告知盈利部分需要缴纳账户余额的50%作为个人所得税,方可恢复出金业务。 图[8]4月24日,违规金退还至账户。 图[9]4月24日,发现旧版本的账号主体与新版本的账号主体不一致询了客服,客服作了解释,给Exness官方邮箱发了邮件求证未得到回复。



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