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    FX2861636451 Trader
    Released in Australia

    Assetsclaimback advisory stepped in to help us.

    TOPIATO for sure are organize criminals avoid at all costs. They're a well-organized scam cell, and we should all be wary of them. They said they were based in UK but had a branch in the Australia. I was persuaded to invest with these con artists, and I chose their coinage plan, which allowed me to deposit up to $12,000. With the promise of a referral commission, I was persuaded to invest with them by their business model. Instead of trusting me, my friend chose their wonderful and standard plan, which required a minimum deposit of $75,000. They recommended that I include my referral commission in my investment strategy, since it was a good idea.They took everything from us, and I was especially concerned about what I had gotten my friend involved in. I'm not sure what our relationship would have been like if i didn’t sought aid from the Advisory that helped us heal. When it comes to investing, every little detail matters, and I would not have fell for this con if I had paid attention to the small details like their bogus phone number. These people should not be trusted.

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