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    FX2978723126 Trader
    Released in Australia

    unable to withdraw

    the girl she just make the mistake to join in your WeChat and try to say about her and ask about you after one or two weeks she try to show her profit money from MT4 because her uncle can take her when it get the profits and try to make you join it put money in to trade and get profits every day but she want you to get more money and transfer her money to your and ask you to get VIP account it will get more profits needs $200,000 after I try to withdraw $20000 but she ask me to wait because this two weeks have profits so need funds and I just try to withdraw only $1700 it done after that she have me transfer to my account until $500.000 to upgraded to exclusive VIP and the day after we trading and get a lot of profit only two weeks my account over 1 million and she tell me her uncle said can withdraw all funds . After withdraw the VIP service ask me for the audit fee 5.6% to deposit and convert to AUD time to arrive but nothing I try to contact them. they said because of the big amount need to wait after that they sent me the resolve problem and need 1% more after that everything done just waiting for the money arrives. on the day that they informed me, my account can’t sign in and MT4 account has been frozen and the girl that I know over 5 months have broke my contact.
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    Unable to withdraw



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