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    FX1582243687 Analyzer
    Released in Iran

    about exposing hf market business to Iran

    HF markets

    Date of sending the complaint to hf markets:

    March 12th, 2021

    Date Today :

    Jun 24th,2022

    Dear hf markets:

    I'm sending you this email to complain about exposing your business to Iran and against Iran imposed sanctions, that resulted your weird behaviors. The misconducting that caused me and my client' heavy losses.

    The parts that you are held liable for my losses are :

    1 - By suddenly increasing the commissions and spreads , you made my account solely for the purpose of maximizing your commissions, which is a serious fraud.

    2- You failed several times to provide me with the real-time securities prices, and to the worse, you sold some of my holdings/positions based on your unreal estimated prices which then found out to be far from the real prices. As those stocks were never reached at the prices that you made the transactions upon. You are definitely liable for the losses that resulted.

    3 - By not allowing to hedge my positions, you took away all the tools that you had to make available to me to stop the losses.

    If you were complying with the regulations on sanctions against Iran, you didn't have to cut us off in the middle of our active transactions, and to make us huge losses.

    Sanctions and restrictions are imposed by authorities in the US, EU and elsewhere. The penalties for breaching sanctions are severe. All companies which trade with Iran or which make or receive payments to or from natural persons in Iran are subject to those penalties.

    I'm entitled to receive all the money that That you have harmed me and my client by not following the rules
    The exact amount that I expect to get back is .....

    After a very long time, no action was taken against my protest

    Hereby I notify you, if you do not resolve this I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies , as well as with FINRA , with authorities in the US, EU , with your base country and consider my legal alternatives

    My hf :977447




    Confirmed to be solved?