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    那回忆 Trader
    Released in China

    FXMISO fraud platform gives no access to withdrawal

    In April,2018,through Wechat friends Wotaihua(Wechat:zhangzhen180),I was induced to trade on FXMISO(www.fxmiso.com.The platform claimed to be legit.The group owner pulled me into the group,in which they incited me to deposit fund by brainwashing,as well as inducing me to trade with the so-called analyzer.He continued to induce me to add fund.After defrauding all my fund, they removed me off the group and blocked my account.The day trading guided by 7 teacher in the YY live-broadcasting room was like micro trading of binary option,which has been listed as gambling by the state.After verification,my fund was flowed into a private account named Ma Jiaer and ER CHUEN HOE through China UnionPay, Yinyingtong Payment Co., Ltd., Ping An Bank instead of international forex market.The 7 teachers’ giving order recommendations in the live-broadcasting room has caused clients’ great losses.

    The following is the original
    我在2018年4月通过微信好友渥太华(微信号:zhangzhen180)的诱骗下到名为寰星国际(www.fxmiso.com)的外汇平台做交易,该平台宣称有正规资质,国家许可的正规公司。群主渥太华将我拉入微信群中,每天在微信群里对我们进行洗脑,让我入金,另外还多次诱骗我跟随所谓的外汇分析师一起做交易,并引诱我加仓,重仓频繁交易,在我资金被榨干之后将我踢出了他们的微信群,并且封了我的交易账号。YY直播间7位老师喊单带我们进行的外汇短线交易也是类似于二元期权猜跌涨的微交易,国家已经将二元期权列为赌博。 后来经多方查证,我的资金并未投入到国际外汇流通盘,而是通过中国银联、银盈通支付有限公司、平安银行(平安银行转到一个叫马嘉儿跟ER CHUEN HOE 私人账户),YY直播间7位老师轮流讲课喊单导致投资者亏损大量资金



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