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    Unable to withdraw ZANK
    Zank lures you to invest through All means.Beware!

    This strange girl reach out on WeChat and introduced me to this investment she has been doing which have made her a lot of profits . she sweet talked me to invest and upgrade my investment to VIP, when the withdrawal date comes , they ask me to pay tax

    FX1537238665 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ZANK
    Zank is a scam

    They did not allow the to withdraw my money, and required the me to trade 2000 lots before the withdrawal could be arranged I registered account in Zank two months ago. They started to prevent me from withdrawing funds when I got profits in the last month. i was able to withdraw with the action of AssetsClaimBack advisory All of It's horrible that they won't let me withdraw my funds after I've done good trade with them. Zank plan intended to take away my profits.

    FX3012923282 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ZANK
    difficulty withdrawing

    don't even bother trying to set up an account with Zank Capital, they take time to respond and usually with a very short & unhelpful answer imagine their reaction when they noticed the funds retrieved by fintrack/ org initially in my account had gone missing from their fraudulent platform When i was ready to start trading the manager at Zank Capital helped me set up but they wouldn't help with the withdrawal process. I'd advice you save your time and just use a more reliable investment platforms

    FX8896649272 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw Lunboux
    Scam Zone Lunboux

    With grandiose claims, one of the biggest con artists of our time. Don't be duped. They operate as a firm and brokers under several identities, with the majority of its members being from West Africa. They pretend to be from the United Kingdom or Australia. They solely use IP phones to communicate. Will ask you to start with a modest amount of money and then will demand tax, agency fees, and other expenses upon withdrawal. You keep paying until everything is gone. Be aware they use fictitious names and images. Initially I suffered a significant loss.

    FX2861636451 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw ZANK
    unable to withdraw

    the girl she just make the mistake to join in your WeChat and try to say about her and ask about you after one or two weeks she try to show her profit money from MT4 because her uncle can take her when it get the profits and try to make you join it put money in to trade and get profits every day but she want you to get more money and transfer her money to your and ask you to get VIP account it will get more profits needs $200,000 after I try to withdraw $20000 but she ask me to wait because this two weeks have profits so need funds and I just try to withdraw only $1700 it done after that she have me transfer to my account until $500.000 to upgraded to exclusive VIP and the day after we trading and get a lot of profit only two weeks my account over 1 million and she tell me her uncle said can withdraw all funds . After withdraw the VIP service ask me for the audit fee 5.6% to deposit and convert to AUD time to arrive but nothing I try to contact them. they said because of the big amount need to wait after that they sent me the resolve problem and need 1% more after that everything done just waiting for the money arrives. on the day that they informed me, my account can’t sign in and MT4 account has been frozen and the girl that I know over 5 months have broke my contact. Pleases pay attention to this scams platform ZANK Capital

    FX2978723126 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw SICH
    Platforms like these aren't worthy of our time and money

    Nobody gave me a concrete response and they don't allow withdrawal saying i need to speak with the compliance department. I have spoken to every accessible department on the platform to ask what needed to be done with no solution to which the class action fintrack/ org aided gave in to the return of investment I had to repeatedly try to find solution by myself in order to get the slightest result.

    FX2892406963 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw SICH
    I will keep exposing SICH till they shut down

    SICH is still out there doing what they know how to do best. This has to be the worst company ever. They are thieves , They will take all your money and stop responding to mails and calls. My account manager is a terrible person, and only if he is a real person. This company refused to give me my total sum of 100,000USD and stopped responding to my calls. immediately after my deposit i was locked out of my account had to use the services of AssetsClaimBack recovery serv to get my investment returned. I will keep posting about SICH for people to know bitter they are.

    FX2861636451 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw FXGLOBE
    Pretty bad experience

    They refuse to respond to the basic requests sent to their e-mail, now they are refusing to return my deposit or allow it to be transferred out of their platform. I spoke to them again via chat, requested my money be sent back to my original account and they only did so as i made a formal complaint trough Fintrack/org, FINRA and the SEC outlining the troubles i faced with Globe Pro Limited. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

    FX3228247384 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    This platform basically steals your money

    They are dishonest and border on criminal behavior with investor's funds refusing to return them when requested I looked at legal action from financial recovery authority fintrack/ org just to get my money back from Dacland. They really should be put out of business by getting the word out on their horrible behaviour to prevent other victims from opening accounts.

    FX1349187991 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw DACLAND
    An exposure posted here aid me

    Don't trust them, they aren't as legit as you think they are, they almost scammed me of my 50kUSD, I was locked out of my account after making a deposit. I went to great lengths to try and get in touch with customer support, but all my effort to reach them proved futile. So i had to involve Assetsclaimback legal expert . They were quick to intercept and enable withdrawal from these really unscrupulous posers who are only after your capital

    FX2861636451 Published in Australia
    Unable to withdraw PLUS500+

    The Australian Cyber Security Centre have stated Plus500net are scammers. Do not open any emails from Plus500 they are either from the Turkey group of scammers or the Phillipines. Stay aware complaint to AssetsClaimBack advisory might be of aid for victims .Do not pick up any calls from them as they use spoofing technology to make it appear they are calling you from the country you live in.

    FX3854425771 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw MegaMillion
    strange withdrawal restriction

    They were all nice over the phone but that was just to get into my head to steal from me. I deposited money Easy but when it came to withdrawing they tried to take all the money had to request an urgent withdrawal under fintrack/ org putting an end to my ties with MegaMillion. Trading with them was a very big mistake.

    FX1926787528 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw Viseno
    mohamed abdel rahman

    My money was stolen and my account was banned from January and I was not able to withdraw my money and when I spoke with customer service they demanded to pay compensation of 1000 dollars in order to release my money

    FX1455619601 Published in Egypt
    Unable to withdraw SICH
    i don't recommend SICH Capital

    The easiest part of my experience with Sich Capital was depositing money on to the platform, not to mention how difficult and stressful it was trying to withdraw from it I had to call for withdrawal that came under a complainant fintrack/ org expressing my grievances towards Sich Capital because I signed up for a good trading experience instead i was welcomed to a terrible experience with this company.

    FX3140720317 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Skyam Invest Ltd
    Skyam still out there scamming innocent people

    This is a deception. No investment requires you to pay a commission up front in order to receive your profits. I've "spent" over $23,000 and have received nothing in return. My $89K "earnings" is sitting in my "account," but I can't get to it unless I pay a 10% commission first. It screams SCAM to me. I've just spent all of my savings! I never get a response from customer service when I contact them. I was referred to this merchant by an acquittance, and I honestly did not believe she could con me

    FX3422946018 Published in Netherlands
    Resolved HotForex
    long hours of approving the withdrawal.

    my withdrawal are still pending. 6 hours and still waiting.

    Jonathan Santos Published in Philippines
    Unable to withdraw 500investments
    Unable to withdraw

    I heard 500Investmet shot down, my engagement with them it started last year and it was simple to sign up; at first, I made some money, but it quickly turned into a nightmare; more and more irregularities appeared, including failed access to my account when I received margin calls

    FX4240543147 Published in United Kingdom
    Unable to withdraw PLUS500+
    They claim to be regulated, false claim.

    After trading with plus500 for a year I still can't get my balance out after paying taxes. Customer care informed me that my trading account had been frozen due to a 120,000USDT deposit by a third party. This was against anti-money laundering regulations. If I wanted to withdraw, I needed to deposit $2500USDT into my account.

    FX3464800242 Published in Germany
    Unable to withdraw FXGLOBE
    Unreliable platform

    I thought them to be reliable. Out of curiosity, after successful series of trades, I decided to withdraw my profits but it proved impossible at the time,

    FX3140720317 Published in Canada
    Unable to withdraw FXGLOBE
    unable to withdraw

    This broker Is well coordinated to make you lose your money. I invested and made some profit but during my second withdrawal, the restricted my account and made me lose some of my profits. I have appealed for refund of profit via e-mails many times, but they couldn’t give enough reason for the restriction they placed on my account. If fx globe has put you through this malicious act, report them too.

    FX2626746956 Published in United States
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      • Unable to withdraw
      • Severe Slippage
      • Scam
      • Others
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