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    Unable to withdraw S.A.M. Trade
    Unable to withdraw

    can't withdraw funds since 2 weeks ago, please help

    Al12 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Carrod Securities
    I can't withdraw anymore

    hello I start sign up on 01/16/2022 start chat with Carrod 0n -- the broker gave me the crypto wallet address to make deposit. I deposited with USDC coin $1.074 I installed MT5 account and add the Carrod live account. After see profit I start made big deposit $12.599with USDT coins. On 01/18/2022 I tried withdraw $100 from Carrodsecurities and go thru to my wallet. I start suspicion with this broker so I deside to trying again withdraw $1000. But the money never go to my wallet till now.

    FXHAOdlr8249 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Global Trader
    unable to withdraw

    please sir/madam I need withdraw my money nobody contact me

    kumara Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw Evergreen Forex
    Keep asking for payment

    When I want to withdraw first they ask 10% fee after I paid they ask me to pay 12% tax, I paid. Then they ask another 10% for transfer fee to bank account, I paid. They ask another 15% fee for currency exchanges, after I paid I still can't withdraw my money because they said its suspect for money laundering they ask another 3000 to verify my account. I already paid half of total fund I have on mt account.

    FXGATrbo8259 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw ITE GLOBAL
    Unable to withdraw

    I have been trying to withdraw my funds from my ITE Global account for 2 weeks and cannot do so. The broker informs me about the payment of 20% of the tax which was not mentioned before. He is silent when asked what regulations are in force and where it is written in the regulations.I warn everyone against the broker and his credibilit

    FXONXerj3425 Published in Singapore
    Unable to withdraw Vipotor
    I can't withdraw money

    I have 16000 usd but I cant withdraw my money

    พงศภัค สัตตธารา Published in Thailand
    Unable to withdraw Definitive Forex
    unable to withdraw, keep on asking fees

    Dear Sir or Madam, I started trading with Definitive Forex (formerly known as Vast Forex) on August of 2021 and I made a profit of $6333702 They required upfront tax payment 14.8% of 6,333,702 in order to withdraw my money of $6638318. So, I paid 937,791 USDT in taxes on December 23, 2021. After that, they I paid 47000 USDT for withdrawal fee on January 20,2022. Now, they are asking 23500 USDT fee in order to release the money to me. They can deduct 23500 USDT from profit and I don’t mind

    Tom z Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw Ring Financial
    Scam to invest more capital which you cannot withdraw

    This company is using scam artists from Hong Kong eg. Kelly who makes you invest more capital in your account. It allows small withdrawal initially like 100$ and when you need to withdraw more, they provide illogical reasons and reject your withdrawal by freezing your account. They ask you for more and more money to invest to make withdrawal possible which does not make sense. Please beware of such people and stay away from them. Don't fall for this trap.

    FXTOPxcr0491 Published in India
    Unable to withdraw S.A.M. Trade
    can't withdrawal

    i can't withdrawal the profit and the capital for almost 2 weeks

    FXJXPggu7216 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw HND
    Unable to Withdraw & No Communication

    I submitted a $5,000 withdrawal request on 12/11/21. It was rejected due to a withdrawal system upgrade. I was notified by chat support it would be completed by 1/1/22. I resubmitted it on 1/1/22. I received a Withdrawal Application email, but never received an authorization email. I sent numerous emails and waited many times in chat support. No response. I now have a $10,000 withdrawal request pending. The first withdrawal was successful on 11/6/21. I am concerned about my remaining balance.

    FXTNUadj3403 Published in United States
    Unable to withdraw ALTMAN FINANCE
    they refused to let me withdraw my money

    first they refused to transfer money for the trader and next they refused to transfer money to me and they told me they will take 5% daily from my account .. they are just thieves

    FXLRNuna4783 Published in Kuwait
    Unable to withdraw S.A.M. Trade
    please help i cant Withdraw

    i can't make withdrawals with no information for how long. Samtrade FX have stopped all operations for now. Please help. Referring to a media release dated 3 January 2022 by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police and the Singapore Monetary Authority (collectively the "Authorities") in connection with investigations into Samtrade FX.

    dewiyulianti Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw Kinross
    Kinross don't pay user capital

    my contract with KINROSS already finish long time ago 26 December 2021, and after i choose to terminate my contract and try to withdrawal my capital, until now they haven't returned the capital, still pending! live chat is no response, email no response, system is very manual, no costumers services are respond. all is cover-up.

    james Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw JUNE BOWES
    I can't withdraw

    We transferred 227560 yen to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Okegawa Branch Uchihashi Hiroyuki. Three days later, I applied for withdrawal and submitted my ID on LINE, but the answer was that I would not refund unless I deposited 500,000 yen on suspicion of money laundering. Suspected of complete fraud. Request a refund for your deposit.

    FXJJFlvt1563 Published in Japan
    Unable to withdraw ROSYSTYLE WEALTH
    Can't withdraw money and burn customer's account

    Do not allow customers to withdraw money to the account. When I withdraw many times, the broker arbitrarily burned my account. I sent a message to the person claiming to be the company's financial manager, but there's been no reply for a month now.

    Đức Phùng Published in Vietnam
    Unable to withdraw OU LIAN WEALTH
    Why do you only tell me that you need to pay 20% tax on account funds when you withdraw money?

    Insufficient disclosure of information in advance allows people to understand how traders charge. 1. 20% of the dividend income tax must be paid in advance when withdrawing and must be paid to the Internal Revenue Service? 2. In addition, the system detects that there is payment not made in time, and the payment is limited to pay within 72 hou. It will fines 3% per day if you exceed the limited period. I said that I would take 20% to pay the tax first, but they said that this is not work, (to prevent tax evasion.... etc.) What is the situation, is it a fraudulent dealer?? `

    陳泉和 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw MKNDY Ltd
    Can't withdraw money

    I've made a withdrawal, it still doesn't come in, and the queue number still doesn't go down. Is this a scam? Can someone please help, so I can get the money back. I've run out of millions here, I'll also attach the customer service number and the perpetrator who invited me, please help to trace it, and hopefully I can get my money back

    FXIJHxoa1884 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to withdraw gbe-forex
    Unable to withdraw

    There is no response when I ask the customer service, how can I get the money back? Can anyone help me?

    張家楡 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to withdraw TUBNOW
    Scam, what Vanke's battles, Huanhai private equity fund, huge scams. Tens of thousands people were listened to the live broadcast class. It induced to deposit money step by step, unable to withdraw money! ! ! !

    Inadvertently entered a group, the teacher named Chen explained stocks, and then said that there is a Vanke competition, let us listen to the live broadcast and vote. The first place has the control of 2 billion funds. Later, he said that the domestic market was not good, so we switched to Bitcoin. An assistant taught us to download MT5, open an account with the dealer (TUBNOW), and induce deposit to operate Bitcoin. First, they showed Bitcoin trading to make money, and then formed a team. Depending on how many fund are used for different level. The higher-level ones have more orders, and the lower-level ones have fewer orders. Let us think of all possible ways to increase capital deposits. I applied for a withdrawal in the middle of the process. The assistant said that there were too many people and I needed to queue up at the bank. They told me to cancel the application first and applied later. After a week, I applied again and it kept displaying in processing. Now, the broker website cannot be opened and cannot contact the so-called teachers and assistants, I have deposited 140,000 yuan in succession. It’s so hateful. All my savings and borrowed funds have been lost, and I have nowhere to go! ! Stay away, stay away, stay away! !

    呵呵哒y Published in China
    Unable to withdraw MFG
    Taxes must be paid to withdraw

    After the service fee is paid, the account has a withdrawal record, but the bank said that it was rejected, and the tax can only be withdrawn. What is the problem? It is not possible to change and the tax must be paid to withdraw. Shouldn't the tax be directly deducted? Or I paid directly to my bank, but my bank didn't notify me to pay it, and the other party couldn't show the bank request letter that I requested. You can transfer money to other users, but you can't transfer it to your own bank without paying taxes.

    FXLLQsuo0119 Published in Malaysia
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